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No honestly is there a reason his 'hair' looks like this again? What not enough money to splurg on a few good hair pieces guys?

Second, how many of 你 are beginning to thoroughly dislike him? For the longest time I put up with him as the amusing defacto father of Merls and that was all fine well and good and I could cope with his lack of imagination re the tavern issue all 日 long (Merlin being in the tavern) but this, this constant, thing of never quite telling all the relevant details and what is more, being selective in his memory is beginning to wear thin.

In fact, sometimes I find him far 更多 evil than the warpedness of an Odin 或者 an Uther because they are just blindingly ignorant but he knows better.

Thoughts welcomed. Very very miffed with Gaius this season.
posted by kbrand5333
    Arthur is standing at the front of the 王座, 宝座 room. He is waiting, and he is not alone. The 王座, 宝座 room is filled to capacity with courtiers, knights, servants,
and commoners. There are flowers, ribbons and bunting in abundance, and the room has never looked 更多 festive. He waits, barely noticing his surroundings. His attention is fixed on the large set of doors at the back of the room.
    To the casual observer, the young king appears calm. Merlin, Arthur’s trusted servant and closest friend, knows otherwise. He sees Arthur’s tapping foot, his...
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posted by RosalynCabenson
Season 2

2x01 Curse og Cornelius sigan

Arthur: Guinevere?
Gwen: Sire.
Arthur: That thing could've killed you.
Gwen: And it still might! Sorry, Sire.
Arthur: No. My pleasure.
Gwen: I'll get 你 something to stop the bleeding.
Arthur: Guinevere. I wanted to say...just, uh...you always surprise me.
Gwen: Is that it, Sire?
Arthur: That's it. Oh, and uh...thank you.

2x04 Lancelot& Guinevere

Merlin: Why can't 你 just admit your feelings for Gwen?
Arthur: *scoff*
Merlin: It's so obvious. A blind man could see it. Is it really that hard to admit 你 like her? Just say it.
Arthur: I can't! How can I admit...
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Part 32: link

    Gwen sits in a pew in the front, the only representative of the groom’s family, Arthur beside her, looking very handsome in his suit. Merlin sits behind them with Freya and the rest of their friends: Gwaine, Percy and Vivian, Leon and Mithian, and Duncan and Ezra and their wives.
    The maid of honor, Latoya’s younger sister Larissa, has just come up the aisle to stand beside Celia, and soon there are soft coos as a tiny 花 girl makes her unsteady way forward. Gwen turns and looks, but she cannot see the child yet. She looks forward...
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posted by kbrand5333
My 2nd place-winning fic for Arwen short challenge 7! I had to trim it for length to meet the word count requirements. This is the FULL version.

“My lady, he’s here.”

Four words. Four small words I’ve been dreading since the 日 my father told me that he had promised me to King Arthur of Camelot.

“Thank you, I’ll be down presently,” I say, not turning around. It was rude of me, I know. I usually treat my servants better than this. Hopefully they will forgive my curtness, understanding my reticence to be whisked away 由 some… escort… to go and be married to a complete stranger....
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Part-5: link


As Arthur left the room with his mother I slowly turned my body back to Uther and began to shake slightly, although I tried not to 显示 it. In truth I was terrified, but I had to stay strong for Arthur because I knew that if I would ever get him to consider me for his son, now was the time. You can do this Gwen, 你 can do this. For Arthur, think about Arthur. I slowly began to relax as Arthur came back into my head.

"Are 你 just going to sit there all day?" an angry voice snapped, causing me to jump in my seat. I looked up to see Uther glaring at me.

Be strong Guinevere...
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Part 19: link

    “Are 你 nervous, Guinevere?” Arthur asks quietly. Gwen is seated between Arthur and Morgana in the back 座位 of Gaius’ Cadillac, on the way to church.
    “Yes,” she 答案 simply.
    He takes her hand in his. “It will be fine,” he says. “It’s church. People are supposed to be nice at church.”
    “Yes, they are,” Gwen answers, “but some of the most closed-minded people are also some of the most righteous.”
    “Righteous in their own minds, anyway,”...
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posted by RosalynCabenson
Part 7: link

Sorry that the 前一个 parts are so short I try to make the last chapters loner but Idk break is over and I have to prepare for grad finals.
only don't want this left unfinished.
Thanks for your 评论 btw =)

Revelation Part 8

In the Morning Merlin woke the King early.
“What’s the matter?” Arthur asked.
Merlin informed him that Gaius has finished his research on how to defeat the undead army of Morganas.
“There’s a weapon. A sword bathed in dragon breath. It can destroy the undead.”
Of course Gaius didn’t research anything. It was time for Merlin to reveal Excalibur to...
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Part 18: link

    Gaius’ head snaps up at the sound of the front door slamming and grocery bags being set a little 更多 emphatically than usual on the 厨房 counter. He sets his newspaper aside and goes to the kitchen, glancing at Arthur, who follows him.
    As soon as he sees Alice’s face he knows she’s steamed about something. “How was the market, dear?” he asks cautiously.
    “Mortifying,” Alice snaps.
    “What happened?” Gaius asks.
    “Guinevere?” Arthur asks quietly,...
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Part 17: link

    Gwen blinks her eyes open. Where am I? Oh, right. Milwaukee. Arthur’s uncle’s house. She looks at the clock. 9:37! I haven’t slept this late in years!
    She swings her feet down, sliding them into her slippers. She looks around the room. I didn’t bring that many boxes, why do I still have half of them left? Oh. Right. After Arthur went to 床, 床上 I spent the rest of the evening in Morgana’s room till far too late.
    Gwen has decided that she definitely likes Morgana. She’s exuberant and witty. Arthur said...
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posted by RosalynCabenson
part 6:

Here for 你 Joppa ♥

Revelation Part 7

Arthur was pacing nervously in his chambers as someone knocked and Sir Leon opened the door.
“Sire, everything is ready.”
“Good, “Arthur nodded. “Let’s hope that it works.”
Leon was about to leave when Arthur called him. “And Leon, please make sure there is a guard placed at Gwen’s house tonight.”
“Of course, my lord”, Leon bowed and left.
Arthur was left alone with his thoughts again. He was glad that Gwen was back and he wanted her to be safe, he won’t let Morgana get her again. Despite what happened he did not want to...
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Part 13: link

    Post office
    Try to find a winter 涂层, 外套 (may have to wait till we get there)
    Don’t forget Mama’s dress

    Gwen is making a 列表 of things she needs to do and/or remember before Saturday, 4:30 a.m. Her doorbell rings, breaking her train of thought.
    “Who could that be at this hour?” she mutters to herself. It’s 10:15 in the morning, everyone should be at work.
    She opens the door and is faced with a bouquet of roses. “Guinevere Thompson?”...
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    Gwen sips her wine and talks with the princesses from Camelot’s neighboring kingdoms when someone taps on her shoulder. She turns around and finds a group of women, somewhere around her age, smiling at her. They curtsey and wait for her.

    Gwen looks astonished at them and one of the princesses she was talking to leans 前锋, 期待 and whispers, “Nod, you’re supposed to nod.” Gwen thanks her and nods. The princess resumes her place and sneers with the other princesses.

    “Is there anything I can do for you?” Gwen...
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Part 9: link

    Aredian strides to the witness stand from the back of the courtroom, a thin, severe, imposing figure, all in black. Something about his demeanor makes everyone uncomfortable in his presence, like they’re afraid that he’s going to shoot lightning bolts from his fingertips and smite them just for breathing the same air.
    “Good Lord, Arthur, where’d your father meet him?” Gwen whispers.
    “I honestly have no idea. Some 问题 are better left unanswered,” he whispers back. He’s been enjoying whispering...
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Part 7: link

    “Percival, why didn’t 你 correct the prince when he made that misstep? He very nearly gave young Maxwell a black eye!” Leon snaps at his fellow knight as the two men walk to the 城堡 from the morning’s training.
    “Well, he’s the prince! I can’t… yell at him,” Percival 答案 weakly.
    “He must be trained the same as all the other boys,” Leon sighs. “I know it’s difficult, but…”
    “I just don’t feel right. I know he’s only five, but he outranks me.”
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Part 4: link

Queen Guinevere,
    I humbly beg your forgiveness for the tardiness of my condolences. I know it has been many months now since your beloved king has passed, and I apologize for not corresponding sooner. Many of Lady Morgana’s Saxons had fled into my kingdom, unfortunately, and I had a bit of a mess of my own to deal with.
    That being said, I know the struggle of ruling a kingdom as a widow queen. I should very much like to pay 你 a visit in the near future and offer my condolences personally. As allies, we should remember to support...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 8: link

    I have a convention on Thursday. Gwen looks down at the text she’s just gotten from Arthur, and remembers his “plus-one” threat.
    Oh, no.
    Don’t worry, you’re safe. Not a plus-one kind of thing.

    “What’s up?” Merlin leans over and peers over her shoulder.
    “Arthur has a convention to go to Thursday.”
    “Sounds scintillating,” Merlin says, making a face.
    It’s in Dublin. I’ll...
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posted by kbrand5333
Fic 5: link

Macaroni and Cheese and Pancakes

Prompt: Prompt: Arthur decides to surprise Gwen 由 making the 圣诞节 dinner, now he regrets it...

“Arthur, what are 你 doing?” Guinevere’s groggy voice calls down from the bedroom. The noise of pots and pans jostled her from her drugged sleep.

“Nothing, love, go back to sleep,” Arthur calls up, quietly cursing the stack of pots that came tumbling forth from the cupboard like an extraordinarily boring piñata.

“Sprained ankle, badly bruised hip, dislocated shoulder, and a broken wrist, Mrs. Pendragon,” the doctor had unceremoniously declared...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 8: link

    The sound of glass breaking beneath his head jolts Merlin from his fitful slumber. Oh no! he thinks, scrambling into his bag.
    The last item Merlin put in his bag before they left, almost on a whim, was the phial of water from the Lake of Avalon, entrusted to him 由 the Fisher King. The phial that has just broken under the weight of his head.
    “No, no no…” Merlin mutters frantically, dumping the contents of his pack out onto the ground.
    He watches, amazed,...
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posted by kbrand5333
This one started life as Song 8 in "Songs to Dance." Had always planned on expanding it. This first chapter will be familiar. As a reminder, this is AU from 3x10, "Queen of Hearts," where Arthur, Gwen and Merlin actually do leave Camelot.

    “Gwen!” an urgent voice whispers in the dark dank of the dungeons. “Gwen, wake up!”
    Guinevere turns over and sits up on the filthy straw mat. Her eyes 显示 no signs of sleep, only weeping. They are swollen and rimmed with red. “Merlin?” she blinks. She has spent the evening crying and crying and ran...
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