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No honestly is there a reason his 'hair' looks like this again? What not enough money to splurg on a few good hair pieces guys?

Second, how many of 你 are beginning to thoroughly dislike him? For the longest time I put up with him as the amusing defacto father of Merls and that was all fine well and good and I could cope with his lack of imagination re the tavern issue all 日 long (Merlin being in the tavern) but this, this constant, thing of never quite telling all the relevant details and what is more, being selective in his memory is beginning to wear thin.

In fact, sometimes I find him far 更多 evil than the warpedness of an Odin 或者 an Uther because they are just blindingly ignorant but he knows better.

Thoughts welcomed. Very very miffed with Gaius this season.
posted by kbrand5333
    “Merlin, I need 你 to… Merlin? Merlin!” Arthur starts yelling for his servant as soon as he notices the other man is nowhere to be seen. He was expecting him to be waiting for him in his chambers when he returned from his evening council meeting.
    “MERLIN!” he yells again, irritated now, dropping his 带, 皮带 on the table.
    “I gave him the night off,” a soft voice drifts out of the dim. It is coming from the direction of the sleeping quarters.
    “Guinevere?” Arthur says, puzzled. And intrigued....
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posted by MISAforever
*Beauty and the Beast*
Gwen: I saw what 你 did earlier. The people owe 你 a debt of gratitude.
Arthur: The people owe me nothing. My father is still going to impose the tax.
Gwen: Will he not be persuaded?
Arthur: Not 由 me. He can't stand the sight of me.
Gwen: That's not true. The King loves you.
Arthur: 你 should have heard the way he spoke to me.
Gwen: I'm sure he was angry but you're still his son. Everyone appreciates what 你 did. They know 你 tried and they won't forget that.
Arthur: Maybe he's right. One 日 I will be the King of Camelot. I cannot be a friend to the people as well as their...
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Hope it's okay to post this here:

Further to Stacey's 文章 "There Is A Line: Stop Crossing It"

This post emanates from 最近的 tweets of Eoin and Alice (crew member). Even THEY don't like some of the things they see on the Internet about the Colin and Bradley in particular. Some of it they just ignore, like I do, but some of it is totally over the line.

The picture at the 最佳, 返回页首 shows a sample of the 说 tweets.

I have noticed many, many things on Tumblr which I consider totally crossing the line. I got to boiling point at one stage when obscene drawings re. the 'Bromance' between Arthur and Merlin...
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Part 16: link

    “Wake up, darlin’, we’re here,” Arthur says quietly, stroking Gwen’s cheek.
    “Mmm,” she scrunches against him and blinks her eyes open. “Did I fall asleep again?”
    “Yes,” he chuckles, 接吻 her forehead. “We’re here,” he repeats. She looks out and sees a house, not overlarge, nicely kept. A home. “Come on.”
    He climbs out of the car and opens her door again. They walk to the front door and it opens before Arthur can lift his finger to the doorbell.
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 14: link

    “Guinevere…” Arthur shouts from the bedroom.
    “Yes, Love?”
    “Hungry. Can I have lunch?”
    “What do 你 want?”
    “Toasted cheese sandwich?”
    “What are you, seven?” She’s laughing at him now.
    “I like those when I don’t feel well.”
    “I know…”
    “And an apple. Cut up. And do we have any bendy straws?”
    “Yes, I bought you...
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Part 9: link

    Aredian strides to the witness stand from the back of the courtroom, a thin, severe, imposing figure, all in black. Something about his demeanor makes everyone uncomfortable in his presence, like they’re afraid that he’s going to shoot lightning bolts from his fingertips and smite them just for breathing the same air.
    “Good Lord, Arthur, where’d your father meet him?” Gwen whispers.
    “I honestly have no idea. Some 问题 are better left unanswered,” he whispers back. He’s been enjoying whispering...
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posted by kbrand5333
This one started life as Song 8 in "Songs to Dance." Had always planned on expanding it. This first chapter will be familiar. As a reminder, this is AU from 3x10, "Queen of Hearts," where Arthur, Gwen and Merlin actually do leave Camelot.

    “Gwen!” an urgent voice whispers in the dark dank of the dungeons. “Gwen, wake up!”
    Guinevere turns over and sits up on the filthy straw mat. Her eyes 显示 no signs of sleep, only weeping. They are swollen and rimmed with red. “Merlin?” she blinks. She has spent the evening crying and crying and ran...
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posted by kbrand5333
As promised, Gwen wakes up. Arthur confesses what he's been up to. Just post 5x03.

    “Guinevere,” Arthur breathes when Guinevere’s eyes open. He had insisted that she be moved back to their chambers once the danger was over. He’s been keeping vigil in a rather uncomfortable chair beside their 床, 床上 all night and well into the morning.
    “What happened?” she asks, coughing, sitting up some. The coughing combined with the slight hoarseness of her voice gives him a pang in his stomach.
    Arthur looks unbelievably contrite....
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 15: link

Almost one 月 later.

    “Ah, Merlin, come in, please,” Arthur says when Merlin appears in the doorway. He and Guinevere are preparing for the 下一个 day’s journey. “Close the door.”
    Merlin closes the door and enters. “My lord?”
    Gwen is seated at the table, and Arthur joins her. “Please sit,” he motions to Merlin.
    What is going on? Merlin wonders. I haven’t messed anything up lately, nobody has been caught eavesdropping at their door again; everything’s been running smoothly…...
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 68: link

    “Mmmm,” Guinevere purrs contentedly, resting her head on Arthur’s chest. She curls into his side, throwing a leg over his.
    “I didn’t get to finish my lunch,” Arthur says, earning him a pinch. “Ow!”
    “Hey, 你 were the one that left the table,” she shrugs.
    He slides his hand along her body, from her hip to her shoulder and back down again to rest on her hip, where he gives her a squeeze. “Well it was still your fault. And 晚餐 isn’t until seven,” he pouts.
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 44: link

    Arthur manages to bring in 更多 than enough firewood just before the skies open up.
    “Just made it,” he says, dropping the box in the parlor, near the large fireplace.
    Guinevere is in the kitchen, putting things away and cleaning things up. Except the fish, which are Arthur’s responsibility. He strolls into the 厨房 and slides his arms around her waist, 接吻 her shoulder, then the 太空 on the back of her neck between her ponytails.
    “Those 鱼 aren’t going to clean themselves,...
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posted by kbrand5333
Okay, kids, we all know that Gwennie isn't going to return to Arthur unless her conscience is clear. And that means finding the damn bracelet. So these 2 possibilities came into my head this morning, so I wrote them down for 你 all. They're probably nowhere near what will actually happen, as usual, but I have to get these things out of my brain 或者 I do not sleep.

    Leon enters the council chambers. "Excuse me, Sire."
    "Yes, Sir Leon, what is it?" Arthur is sitting with Agravaine at the table. Merlin standing behind, off to the side.
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 13: link

    Noises outside the bedroom door wake them. Morgana is home. Gwen just gives an exasperated sigh and cuddles back into Arthur’s arms, unconcerned. Arthur lays awake, refusing to go back to sleep until he knows that they are 安全 from an attempted intrusion. He stares at the ceiling. I don’t hear any talking; her friend must not have come in with her. Bathroom door? Yes, running water. And that’s the toilet. Please, please, please. Good. I’m sure that was her door. Thank God.
    He looks down to see Gwen looking up at him, watching...
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posted by RosalynCabenson
„Lanceot Du Lac“ was such a 心 breaking episode in so many ways.
Why does it had to end so sad...

But the proposal was so lovely. I was crying for joy..I was crying during almost the entire episode. The best episode so far for me. Well, along with 2x02 ;)

Arthur tells his Uncle that he wants to make Guinevere his Queen. He doesn’t care what his Uncle 或者 whoever says. I loved it. Agravain made him do enough wrong decisions.
And Merlins reaction, he didn’t expect that. The only funny moment in this episode.
Well, the proposal was so sweet and beautiful. Such a happy moment.
Gwen couldn’t...
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posted by BradAngeleyes
Tristan and Isolt's conflict of 爱情 and loyalty is one of the classic tales of Western literature; in the Arthurian tradition, their tragic tragectory rivals and complements that of Lancelot and Guinevere. The basic story is one of mis-directed love: Tristan, the heroic nephew of King Mark of Cornwall, is sent to Ireland to escort the Irish king's daughter, the beautiful Isolt, to Cornwall to become his uncle's bride. In most versions, it is during the return voyage that Tristan and Isolt accidentally consume a 爱情 potion (meant to ensure Isolt's happiness with Mark) together, and fall in...
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posted by RosalynCabenson
3x02 Tears of uther pendragon

Arthur's Chambers. Gwen knocks on the open door and Arthur turns around]
Gwen: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...
Arthur: No. Come in, please.
Gwen: How is your father?
Arthur: I could do with him here.
Gwen: 你 should have 更多 faith in yourself.
Arthur: What are the people saying.
Gwen: They are glad that 你 have taken charge.
Arthur: I've committed them to a siege. There's going to be casualties, Gwen.
[Gwen steps 前锋, 期待 and places a hand on Arthur's arm]
Gwen: I trust you, Arthur. 更多 than Uther. 更多 than any man. Worry is not a wise counsel. Forget everything else....
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posted by kbrand5333
Part 10: link

    Merlin delivers their 晚餐 as promised, setting the tray outside their door among the last remaining tokens for Gwen. He has finished the draft of the letter to 皇后乐队 Annis, and he places it on the tray as well for Arthur to review. Then he knocks and leaves.
    As soon as Merlin is out of sight, Bertrand slinks up, ears on alert. He can hear talking, very distant, inside the chambers. He reaches for the parchment and unrolls it, eyes scanning the words quickly.
    Opportunity has presented itself, gift wrapped.
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Part 2: link

Am taking requests now to continue the game. These 下一个 three are requests from some of my fanfiction.net lovelies. Feel free to send me your suggestions, too.

    “Arthur, remember to be quiet. It’s late; Gwen might be sleeping,” Merlin says softly outside the doors to the royal chambers.
    “Merlin, Guinevere always waits up for me, 你 know that,” Arthur replies, but Merlin does notice that he is speaking in hushed tones as well.
    Merlin opens the door carefully and Arthur walks in. The room is mostly dark,...
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posted by Arwenshipper
Appena si aprirono le porte lo sguardo di tutti fu concentrato solo su una persona Guinevere Il volto decorato da un'espressione solenne che tentava di mantenere nonostante l'emozione;il collo ornato da preziose collane dai pendenti dorati; sul corpo sinuoso,un abito splendidamente bianco con i dettagli d'oro come il corsetto sopra il vestito che le fasciava l'intero stomaco; il tutto reso magnifico da una corona di fiori che le reggeva un velo color latte di un tessuto più leggero del vestito che le faceva da strascico. Tra le due mani teneva un enorme bucet di fiori e accanto...
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