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angryhawkfish posted on Feb 13, 2013 at 01:08AM
I am here to talk the truth about the saltwater aquarium
Hobby although it might not be a popular thing to do on this particular club I will do it anyway . First I must say that I love fish and have a fish tank of my own but it is a freshwater tank . Ok so now to the Main point . So you saltwater aquarist out there where do you think almost all your fish come from . The ocean straight from the ocean . Most saltwater fish will not breed in captivity so that's a problem . You have been taking way to many fish from the ocean lots of fish die in the long transports and are not fit for home aquaria for example the Bangai cardinal fish I Belive one of the staple fish of the saltwater hobby is now endangered and on cites but seince they live way out in the ocean they are hard to protect . All of these fish being collected isn't helped the corals and the rest of the reef ecosystem any . Coral s have been shown to have huge potential In the world of medicine and they may die off before we can even collect them for testing. By overt collecting these cissy you are killing your own hobby . I would recommend a freshwater or brackish water tank. With lots of captive bred african cichlids maybe some big rainbow fish giant danios african knife fish or brackish puffers . Freshwater is plenty good enough

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一年多以前 angryhawkfish said…
I would like to say I have no problem with a saltwater tank full of captive bred corals with some captive bred damsel fish In them