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posted by Juusan
Not I is the person I am looking at,
Whose chair is pulled whenever he sat,
Pelted with spitballs wherever I go,
Always left in the cold, left all alone.

Not is is the one with bad grades in class,
Always scraping by, somehow managing to pass.
Often crying in the corner, isolated,
For being mocked, teased, berated, insulted.

Of course not I! Am a statistic victimized,
由 bullying, never! That was not justified.
Oh no, not I! Am currently in denial.
I am not close to being bullied, not 由 a mile!

Not I is the person I am looking at,
Whose chair is pulled wherever he sat.
Not I is the one, always treated inferior,
The one hanging himself in front of a mirror.
The countless hours wasted debating these 问题 that could be better spent with the children this 辩论 is about, this is what’s prompting this blog.

To begin with, all of the 辩论 about whether we should blame the child 或者 adolescent who “came out”, who allowed a nude picture to be taken (or took it) of themself, who sexted a picture, who aired an argument on 脸谱 或者 other social media, 或者 . . . . . . . is all sort of pointless.

The fact of the matter is, they’re children and adolescents, NOT ADULTS. They think and act like children and adolescents. Current research on brain...
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