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posted by SebiBaires
AnnaSophia wrote this in her official website.

Books: Bloody Jack, Being an Account of the Curious Adventures of Mary "Jacky" Faber. Ship's Boy 由 LA Meyer, A Summer of Kings 由 Han Nolan, The Twelve Dancing Princesses illustrated 由 K.Y. Craft

Movies: Best in Show, Mighty Wind, Lord of the Rings, Titanic, Napoleon Dynamite, and Nacho Libre

Music: Beatles, Sean Paul, Black Eyed Peas, Supremes, Frank Sinatra, Manfred Mann, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, Michael Jackson.

Color: Blues, greens and purples and some pinks.

Animal: Of course, my dog Bella.

Movie Star: Don't have one. 最喜爱的 person's style is...
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posted by sexybaby9087
Have 你 ever seen the sky so
Beautiful, colorful
Wide and wonderful
Have 你 ever felt the sunshine so
Brilliantly raining down
Oh the unity

Have 你 ever wanted more?
Wanted more?

You've got to keep your mind wind open
All the possibilities
You've got to live with your eyes open
Believe in what 你 see

Think of all the days you've wasted
Worrying, wondering
Hopelessly hoping
Think of all the time ahead
Don't hesitate, contemplate
No it's not too late

Have 你 ever wanted more?
Wanted more?
Don't 你 know there's so much more

You've got to keep your mind wind open
All the possibilities
You've got to live with your...
continue reading... 你 just did your interviews with the Hollywood Foreign Press. How did that go?

ANNASOPHIA: They're always nice. They ask some funny questions, but 你 know...It's great. I mean, they've been in this business much longer than I have. It's fun to hear them talk, and they generally always have really good questions. Some odd ones, but mostly all good. [laughs]

What are some of the oddest ones?

They didn't do it this time, but [they sometimes ask] if I have a boyfriend 或者 something. [laughs] It feels like my grandma, 你 know? 或者 my grandma's 老友记 asking me questions. [laughs] But...
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