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I do not own Animaniacs. Animaniacs is copyright of Steven Spielberg, Warner Bros. and Amblin Entertainment.

NOTE: If any of 你 don't know what a concavenator is, click link

Production on Dinosaur Disease, a comedy-adventure-fantasy film, had just begun on the 23rd of April 2011. The dinosaur wranglers had the 恐龙 shipped to the studio via an order from ACME, the set construction staff was piecing together the dinosaur jungle, the 支持 guys were gathering the props, and the directors were constantly bossing some of the crew around.

Director #1: [to a 支持 guy] 嘿 you! Don't just slouch...
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The following was requested 由 Aldrine2016.

The Animaniacs went back to the park with their new friends, The Powerpuff Girls.

Yakko: Be careful with the statue though. It kicked us.
Wakko: All because we 说 hello to it.
Blossom: Well, it doesn't seem to be doing that anymore.
Yakko: Ah, good.

A laser hit the statue, making it melt.

Yakko: Uh, did one of 你 three do that?
Blossom: No.
Buttercup: Where did that come from?
Bubbles: *Points up at the sky* Look!

Mojo Jojo was wearing a jetpack, and carrying two blasters.

Mojo Jojo: Haha!! I have returned to cause 更多 destruction, because I want to hurt...
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Here's the words to "Flat in Gay Paree" 由 Rita

Rita: (spoken)
Starlight, 星, 星级 bright, I wish I was anyplace but this..

Rita: (singing)
There is a Flat in Gay Paree, 安全 on a tree-lined avenue, no 猫 a la 大车, 购物车 on the menu,
not in my Flat in Gay Paree.

There is a chef of fine cuisine, he is a vegetarian, as he prepares a fine banquet, he says "Rita, you're my beloved pet."

I know a flat where I can nap,
安全 on a chair 或者 in the lap,
I won't end up in a recipe,
not in my Flat in Gay Paree.
The third and final season of The Animaniacs reboot streams February 17th exclusively on Hulu.
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@IGN - Yakko, Wakko and Dot return for an all-new season of this iconic, family-friendly series with something for everyone: pop culture parodies, musical showstoppers, takedowns of historical baddie....
season 2
exclusive official westworld parody clip
@Hulu -“Animaniacs” returns for a zany new season on Friday, November 5. Yakko, Wakko and Dot return with big laughs and the occasional epic takedown of authority figures in serious need of an ego check.
season 2
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