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Well I'm gonna write now.
Situation 1: Someone asks for water 或者 anything water related:
You want your pool? 你 want your water. I live inside a water tower. Why don't 你 try this gusher on for size!
Pretty lame, but I have more,
Situation 2: Someone asks "what did s/he say?":
I think s/he 说 "Hoiil, how'd you? With the going, 你 were there but here now, for me to see, how'd ya do?
With haste, to the Maypole, I mean, next,
Situation 3: Someone Knocks on the door:
Nobody get's in to see the wizard not nobody not no how!!
Next situation,
Situation 4: Someone is being a jerk to 你 或者 your just like...
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Just listen up and you'll hear a tale,a tale of the Warner three!
Went on the water tower,they did try to flee!

They shot into the puffy clouds some seeds to make it rain and rain it did so much in fact,the tower floated away,All around LA!

When the rain dried up,the tower was aground on the Burbank lot,the Warner Brothers then escaped with their sister,Dot and they took off like a shot!

Now they're being chased around the Warner Studio
由 Scratchansniff
and Hello Nurse
the CEO
Ralph the Guard
Some movie stars
the Professor and Mary Ann
on the Warners' Lot!
Power Rangers parody
posted by anna446
(these are diffrent lyrics to my gay paree)
there is a girl who I envy
in indea were everyone is free
everyone is treated fairley
along with the girl who I envy

she is a girl of fine black skin
she whares the finest cloughing
she is a princess what do 你 expet
but for her to sleep in the finest bed

she wants to be a painter
and she can fefill that dream
she can walk on both feet
and that why she's the girl who I envy

ok short story: I have a broken leg and can't walk on both feet so I heard one of rita's songs(her songs are the best)and thought wow thats the song I need

wanna hear the most annoying soung...
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