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Out of all the real-world ways I’ve seen Angry Birds controlled / played — and there have been many — the “Super Angry Birds” controller is hands down the most elegant to date. It’s just so darn pretty! While it will never replace a tap 或者 a mouse, it could actually be quite fun to play this way. Now the real 问题 is: how can I get one? Hats off to Hideaki Matsui and Andrew 斯皮茨, 施皮茨 — the creators of this awesome controller.

If you’re curious as to how this works, below is the info from the YouTube page:

“Super Angry Birds” is a force feedback USB controller for Angry Birds...
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Discover amazing facts about the solar system with Angry Birds and NASA!

Episode List
1. link
2. link
3. link
4. link
5. link
6. link
7. link
8. link
9. link
10. link
11. link
12. link
13. link
14. link
15. link
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你 might have already noticed that this week’s Angry Birds 老友记 Tournament is a bit different from the 前一个 ones. If not, let me explain. This week we are being treated to a special, “Lotus F1 Team” Tournament. Not only does the tournament include four brand new racing-inspired levels, but there are also 60 prizes up for grabs! One of those prizes is Kimi Räikkönen’s racing suit. If you’re not a racing 粉丝 don’t fret, just play the levels for fun and bragging rights!

Participating is simple: Once 你 complete all four levels a congratulatory box will come up. Enter your 电子邮箱 address to enter the drawing. “Sixty winners will be chosen from players who ‘Like’ the Lotus F1 Team 脸谱 粉丝 page.” In other words, it sounds like it’s a 随意 drawing and not a competition based around your total score.
Cartoon Network is considering developing original content as apps and games first rather than as TV shows, in an effort to create its own digital brands to rival the likes of Angry Birds.

"One of the things we are considering and talking about is how do we play in that digital 太空 for original content?" 说 Stuart Snyder, president and chief operating officer of parent company Turner's Animation, Young Adults and Kids division.

"I don't think everything has to be created as a show. Things can be developed as shorts, they can start as games, they can start as apps… That is the nature, more...
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Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds 太空 is the fourth installment to the Angry Birds series. The release 日期 was on March 22, 2012. It was first announced on the Angry Birds 太空 page.
SPLASHES SHEET 2Angry Birds 太空 下载 Screen



The first posters before the Press Release first appeared in February 17, 2012. The very first poster featured a full sized page of the Super Red Bird along with the first video in the 16th. After the trailer, they released the 秒 trailer on the 23rd 展示 two astronauts on a slingshot. Then in the 24th with the third trailer...
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Do not 删除 Angry Birds Rio!

On the heals of Angry Birds Rio’s first update in nearly nine months, some of our fantastic sleuths have uncovered even 更多 good news! Angry Birds Rio will receive a full-sized update, in a new episode called 水果 Market! We have learned our lesson since the Pig Dipper incident, so here is our standard disclaimer, “The episode 标题 is subject to change”. Our guess is that the general theme of the episode will be based on the deleted scene from the movie, which we have included below for your viewing pleasure.

Details are extremely scarce, of course. We...
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 Angry Birds Season Winter Wonderham Main Screen
Angry Birds Season Winter Wonderham Main Screen
Happy Holidays, to one and to all. Welcome the Winter and say goodbye to the Fall. Be merry and happy, whatever the reasons. But do not miss this update to Seasons!

That’s right, the Winter Wonderham update to Angry Birds Seasons (v3.1.0) is now available for iOS, PC, NOOK Color, and Android via 谷歌 Play and the 亚马逊 Appstore. 更多 platforms will be getting the update very soon. We were the first to 确认 this update, posting some GameCenter imagery about two weeks 以前 and exclusive Rovio-official details yesterday. This is Rovio’s third episode to celebrate the 圣诞节 and holiday...
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Sound the alarm! Bad Piggies is now available for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC! Take a deep breath because there is a lot, and we mean A LOT, of information to outline (consider this our exhaustive guide to this amazing game). If you’re eyes have already glazed over, 或者 你 had too much 培根 for breakfast (shame on you!), then watch the “First Look” video above. It contains a lot of great info as well as a bunch of the actual gameplay. Okay, without further ado, let’s get started.


Like Angry Birds Space, Bad Piggies is launching simultaneously on multiple platforms. This is...
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 * Disclaimer: 图标 obviously not official
* Disclaimer: Icon obviously not official
‘Tis the season for 蛋酒, 蛋奶酒 hangovers, twinkly lights, bolded text, and … Angry Birds! We are here to bring 你 another worldwide exclusive! No reason to ask Santa for an update when Rovio is feeling as generous as Ebenezer Scrooge after being visited 由 the Ghost of 圣诞节 Yet to Come. Angry Birds Seasons “Winter Wonderham” will be the third annual winter update to this epic franchise. Like Halloween, it’s a true tradition.

Now, details are very very sparse at the moment, but we are willing to speculate about a few things. Our disclaimer here is that absolutely nothing is confirmed...
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Now that the Curiosity Rover has landed on Mars, we can get a firsthand look at what truly is happening on the Red Planet. Angry Birds 太空 v1.3.0 has landed for iOS, PC, and Android via 谷歌 Play, with other platforms coming soon. Don’t let the descriptions in the video confuse you: Even though Rovio reported (and continues to report) that the planet is “Coming this Fall“, apparently the seasons in Finland are a bit different than elsewhere in the world.

Attention 亚马逊 Users: We have reports that the faultiness of 亚马逊 versions of Angry Birds has continued. Most of our reports...
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 Bad Piggies Cookbook App Main Screen
Bad Piggies Cookbook App Main Screen
Amidst all the hoopla of 更新 here in the Angry Birds Universe — from the release of Bad Piggies to their invasion of the original Angry Birds app — there has been quite a bit of news not related to actual gaming.

Bad Piggies Cookbook App

About a 年 ago, Rovio released a hardcover book called Bad Piggies’ Egg Recipes, which featured many different recipes for cooking eggs and all that jazz. (If you’re interested, we wrote about it briefly last July.) But 给 the new “digital” age of — well, of absolutely everything in the world — this book has been turned into an app for...
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Man, Rovio has gotten so darn good about teasing us with what’s to come. Today is no exception! On the heels of the amazing release of Bad Piggies comes this perplexing image that they just 发布 to their 脸谱 page. The caption simply reads:

The birds are about to go on an adventure… but where? Clue tomorrow!

So I guess we will know 更多 tomorrow, but who wants to wait a whole day. Not this guy! Well, unfortunately, like you, I don’t know what this is, but it’s fun to speculate. Here is what I see:

Something covered 由 fabric. Duh!
It’s seems to be space, as I see stars in the background...
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 Angry Birds World Traveller
Angry Birds World Traveller
We all have been wondering what the future holds for Angry Birds. While we all would like to see the original app and Seasons continuing onward, it seems -– 或者 it was at least the initial plan -– that Rio would end in November (-ish). So, if Rovio chooses to close out Rio 由 year’s end, what would happen after that?

Well, everyone has been talking about an “Angry Birds 2: Revenge of the Pigs” -– an app where the pigs retaliate against the birds. While I may be biased (I’m a 粉丝 of the birds, not the pigs) I think this app is rather limited. Basically, what special abilities can...
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SURPRISE! Angry Birds v2.3.0 is now available for iPhone and Android via 谷歌 Play, and with 更多 platforms — including iPad — coming soon. Now that summer is well behind us (for the northern hemisphere, anyways), the classic “beach” theme of Surf and Turf has been concluded. It doesn’t stop there though, as those sneaky piggies have poked there noses into the original Angry Birds game with a brand new episode (Greedy Pigs! As if having their own app wasn’t good enough!).

Note, still waiting on iPad update. There must have been an issue that needed to be addressed. We will let...
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Buckle-up! Angry Birds 星, 星级 Wars is set for an epic launch Thursday, November 8th. We are live at the launch event at the Toys ‘R’ Us in Times Square and will bring 你 details as they’re revealed! We have a short teaser video above and a bunch of details below. First, some general info:

If there were any doubts, the official name is, “Angry Birds 星, 星级 Wars”.
Launching on iOS, Android, and likely PC/Mac (platform 列表 an educated guess at this time).
Cast of Characters

Based on the image below it looks like all the original 星, 星级 Wars characters 你 know and 爱情 — sans Jar Jar Binks...
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If 你 play Angry Birds Chrome, the past 60 days 或者 so have been absolutely outstanding. Today’s update marks the third update in less than two months, and adds two — count them: TWO — episodes to Seasons! 你 can now play both Trick 或者 Treat and Mooncake Festival (the α and ω of the 2011 Seasons lineup, respectively).

Also included in this update is a direct link on the initial “Play” screen to Angry Birds 老友记 on Facebook. A minor addition, but still notable, as Rovio continues to plug their 脸谱 app.
Nokia and Rovio have teamed up to offer exclusive Angry Birds content to some Nokia smartphone owners. With the upcoming launch of Nokia’s two flagship smartphones — the Lumia 920 and 820 — they are offering a new companion app called, “Angry Birds Roost”. Angry Birds Roost will be available exclusively on the 920 and 820 for 3-months. After that, we presume it will become available on other Windows-powered Nokia smartphones. It remains to be seen what happens after that.

Angry Birds Roost is a type of hub, which will include to:

Ability to purchase and launch individual Angry Birds...
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Alright, details are sparse at the moment, but Rovio is definitely planning something. Sometime during the night the Pigs formed themselves a union and decided they needed to go public (you can see their press release below). In addition to the press release, those portly pigs have launched their own 脸谱 and Twitter accounts. So what’s going on? My guess is this will eventually end up with a brand new game, but that’s just me. Whatcha thinkin?! Yu likez? Share your insightful thoughts and opinions below.

Here is copy from the official press release from the, “King Pig Office” on “Piggy Island”:

Today – Piggy island

We haz 脸谱 and twitter
Yu no like?
We has new
Gotta go
moar later
k thanks bye

About Pigs
Pigs are awesome. Birds stink. OINK OINK! 4 更多 info check out facebook.com/badpiggies
 Angry Birds 太空
Angry Birds Space
Exactly one week before the release of Angry Birds: 星, 星级 Wars, it seems Rovio did not want to leave any lose ends hanging around. As such, Angry Birds 太空 v1.3.1 is now available for iOS, PC, and Android via 谷歌 Play, with 更多 platforms coming soon.

This update includes:

Final 10 levels of Red Planet! Our walkthrough pages and 视频 are LIVE, viewable on the Red Planet walkthrough page.
One 更多 太空 Egg! This will be awarded for 3-starring 10 levels of this release. Our Complete 太空 Egg Guide has been updated and has 更多 information.
New Golden Rover! Our Complete Eggsteroids Guide...
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Squawk! Oink! Another day, another exclusive look at Bad Piggies. This time X-Play sits down (literally) with Rovio’s own Andrew Stalbow. This exclusive sneak peek comes on the heels of the amazing Bad Piggies Gameplay Trailer we saw on Monday. The difference? Well, this one reveals quite a bit 更多 info, including some of the bacon-bits we thrive on.
What we know now!

The Game: The slingshot is replaced 由 your imagination and engineering prowess! Start the level 由 building an effective vehicle 或者 contraption using the supplies on hand. The goal is simple: carry the Pigs from the start of...
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