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slytherin360 posted on Nov 25, 2007 at 09:12AM
Okay first im gonna start off on how I really think that Angelina Jolie is a really good actress and is very good at portraying her characters and is probably a very nice mother. She has her heart in the right place and is trying to make a difference.

But doesn't anyone else find her, i don't know... a bit creepy? Don't get me wrong, her movies are great and everything! But yesterday I got bored, so I decided to find out more about this woman.. and boy was I shocked/scared/creeped out!

Heres why (feel free to disagree/comment on these):

- She collects knives

-... ever since she was a child

-Her boyfriend lived with her and had lived a "married lifestyle" at 14

- She has a drug addiction to heroin, coccaine, marijuanna, and LSD

- She used to cut herself on the wrists and still has scars today

- She had sex at 14 with a punk dude and she had purple hair

- She practised S&M with him (sado-masochism)
(aka torchure sex)

- They used knives while having sex and stabed each other, she made him cut deeply into her jaw (still has a scar).. mind you this was when she was 14

- She cut herself after sex if she wasnt satisfyed

- She has an extreme fetish of being torchured

- Her father has hinted that she get mental help

- She once hired a hitman to kill her while depressed .. he refused

- She is bisexual and had many affairs with various women

- She has a fetish for vampires

- She has numourous tatoos

- She began striping and making out with boys.. in kindergarden

- She is a masochist and a sadist

- She is rumoured to have had incestual relationships with her brother

- She french kissed her brother in front of public, opened mouth and using tongue (ew)

- She doesnt believe in going for therapy and thinks that acting will help her

- She only plays characters that she would have sex with

- She says she can't be alone with knives

- At her wedding to Miller, she had displayed her husband's name on the back of her shirt painted in her own blood

-During her marriage to Thornton, the spouses each wore a vial of the other's blood around their necks

- she has a tatoo of the Japanese sign for death

- Wanted to be a funeral director (film funerals)

- has an interest in mortuary science

Anything else creepy about her? Even though i think shes creepy, shes still one of my favorite actresses. Being creepy is part of her charm

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一年多以前 slytherin360 said…
During her marriage to Thornton, the spouses each wore a vial of the other's blood around their necks ...

this is the one i found most creepy. i mean, where the hell do you get a vial of the other persons blood?!?! You'd have to like cut them and then drain it into a container... oh my :| lol. And to wear it around your neck....
一年多以前 ineedcoffee said…
when you get married you have to do a blood test they could have asked for them to draw some extra blood... not that hard. But I agree a little creepy.
一年多以前 smiledonkey said…
一年多以前 Snerkie said…
umm...i think half of that is made up or overly exaggerated, lol.

"She began striping and making out with boys.. in kindergarden"
^ this reminds me of the episode of South Park when Cartman went on Maury Povich and there was a mother saying her baby kept stripping in front of everyone, lol. And lots of little kids kiss boys, they don't know what it is.

Where did you get these facts anyways? like...reliable source or just different random sites?
一年多以前 slytherin360 said…
not made up... look up some of her interviews. she says personnally that she was very "sexual in kindergarten and was part of a group called the "kissy girls"


read it. she is really weird.
一年多以前 Snerkie said…
the "kissy girls" thing is something a lot of children did...anyone ever heard of "kiss chasey"?? that's not her being actively sexual at a young age...that's her being a child :\ who's never seen little girls kiss little boys?

I think a lot of things on the list may seem extreme but if you read it in the context of her explaining it (like in that interview) it doesn't make her seem like some weirdo.
一年多以前 layla_14 said…
-During her marriage to Thornton, the spouses each wore a vial of the other's blood around their necks...i think this bit is just sick... i don't think everything that said up there is true.. but the bit were they wore a vial of the others blood around there neck is true, i was watching e! entertainment and they were talking about her and they said that too.

you know i never thought of angelina was that kind of person... you're right it is kind of creepy...but i still like her, i think she's a good actress.
一年多以前 danni-obel said…
i dont see wats wrong with lots of tattoos and having purpal hair.
just a form of expressing yourself.
but yea she is very strange.
but she is still awsome.
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一年多以前 ladycroft said…
yeah it's kinda creepy, and most of the things you said are true, tough I think its one of the most atractrive things she has,i gotta say that i love her since i don't know when

yes, she is exentric, but what she do, what she shows its that waht she is, she is not embarrassed in who she is, and doesn't care what other ppl think, and doesn't care if ppl point at her saying she is gothic, sado, bisex, creepy, or maybe she is just expressing herself by having purple hair or a tattoo

alltough you have to admit that she had a terrible change in her lifestyle sice she addopted maddox, she has grown as a woman and also changed her purpose in life, being aware of the hate, hunger and inocent ppl suffering, and doing something about it...

it's just my opinion, and sorry my english is not the best, i'm uruguaian :P


一年多以前 megalynn said…
First of all, she no longer has a drug addiction. As far as I know, she doesn't cut herself anymore either. As to her "stripping and making out with boys in kindergarten" I believe that's just worded as how a grown woman would act, she was more than likely just being a curious child in kindergarten. Many young children take their clothes off and try to be affectionate with people. She also doesn't have the symbol for death as a tattoo anymore. She got it covered up.
In some aspects, yes she was/is a bit different, but I still think she's amazing all the same.
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一年多以前 Mermaid-Tail said…
Most of these are no longer relevant to her personality, if you read interviews with her these days she says herself she went through a very dark time when she was younger. The way she behaved while having problems is not a sign of her true personality, and the self destructive things on the list like self harm and drug use are not things she does anymore. She admitted doing them to help & inspire young people with similar problems and wouldn't have admited it if she was still doing it.

Also I have to say why put the fact that she is bisexual on a list of 'creepy' things? it's 2009 not 1950, to say being bi is creepy is extremely narrow minded and discriminatory.
一年多以前 blue said…
I agree with Mermaid-Tail... how can you say she is creepy for being bisexual?!
but i think you put many things that can't be catagorized as creepy...
- she is creepy for collecting knives? - You haven't heard of people collecting swords, guns, or knives?
- Her father hinted that she should get mental help? - All I have to say to this: Great parenting skills... To say something like that on a show?
- She has numerous tattoos? - really creepy...at least her tattoos have meaning to her. what do you think of people who put tattoos all over their body - that's creepy...
- She has a tattoo of the japanese sign for death? - The death is big part of everyone's life!!! she had a sign tattooed, maybe she was troubled with death, and loss, and in that way tried to deal with it.
- She wanted to be a funeral director? - People who film funerals really do exist. They do not film it becouse they think it is great art, but people want them to do it. (honestly, this really creeps me out)

as of other things: people go through hard times, and do many stupid things...
一年多以前 Mannu967 said…
It kinda makes me even more interested in her . Not that I'm like that , it's just she has gone through some stuff , and some of the things are a little creepy , but I don't really see it as a problem or something . And that's def. a part of her charm , for me at least . I think she wouldn't be that intresting if she would have been like the normal prom queen or something like that . And she has changed .... Alot . I love her anyways . Sorry for the ramble lolzz . :D
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一年多以前 bjthf83 said…
Arent we all a little weird, I think those were experimental years. I think she is a lot more mature now and different especially after having a family. I'm a fan, Im also a believing born again christian, people think that's weird but they are ignorant of what that is. god is the final judge just my thoughts
一年多以前 IsidoraSmiley said…
well, i don't think that collecting knives is creepy - a lot of people collect old stuff and for tattoos - i don't think that's creepy either. but the rest! omg! just omg! but she's still my #1 actress! she had some hard times as we can see...