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Amy is a two timer who likes to two time.I DID NOT MAKE THIS was uploaded by:SsSoutlaw4SsS,but was found on newgrounds
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Amy Was Taking A Walk To A Tree. (Where I Was.) In Her New Outfit To Talk To Me Then She Suddenly Saw Sonic. ''Sonic!'' Amy Said. Sonic Just Ran, Away Then She Started Running After Him Until Sonic Saw Me Sleeping Under The Tree, He Woke Me Up. ''What The...?'' I Said. Until I Saw Sonic, Sonic Grabbed Me Then Pulled Me To Silver.
''Silver!'' Sonic Said, Until I Headed 首页 To My House. ''Jeez....'' I Went In Then Jumped Onto The Couch. Then The Door 钟, 贝尔 Rang ''Hello? Kayla?
Are 你 Home?'' Blaze 说 I Opened The Door
''Yes I'm Home'' I 说 ''Then Can 你 Help Me
With Something?'' She Asked...
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