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posted by Red_Pyramid206
Only a few hours after Humphrey's execution, the pack leaders held a secret meeting. "We should not have done that..." Garth muttered. "You know we had to. The 更多 that learn about Fukaro, the 更多 victims he has. We had to prevent it from spreading like and infection." Winston said, "Even if it cost my best omega in this whole damn pack." "I know, but there had to be something else we could have done." Garth replied shaking his head. "No son, we had to do what we had to do." Tony said. "But what I don't get is, how did Humphrey learn about him?" Lilly asked.

*Flash Back*

"Hey have 你 guys ever heard the legend of Fukaro, the red devil?" Shakey asked one night. The four omegas were sitting in a hot spring telling stupid ghost stories. "No, whats the story?" Humphrey replied. "Well, its 说 to go like this... Not to far from here, there is an old abandoned town called 'Silent Hill', a resort town and they say that he lurks there" Shakey began. Salty, Mooch, and Humphrey had sudden chills in their spines. "And he was first sighted 由 a man named Walter Sullivan, a deranged serial killer who was arrested for many murders. Well, he commit ed suicide in his jail cell one morning and he left a note in blood saying the 'red devil' was after him. No one ever knew what he was talking about. Now some years later, a man 由 the name of James Sunderland came to Silent 爬坡道, 小山 to 搜索 for his wife. He disappeared without a trace for a week. He was found later outside of town having a mental break down saying a man with a red pyramid mask was raping these two people and then slaughtered them with a giant knife. Well, they thought he was crazy, but he two committed suicide in his hospital room and every single nurse on night watch was found slaughtered and each corpse showed that they had been brutally raped before hand. So now, they say if 你 hear a loud scrapping sound, 你 better watch out, because there is this old saying that goes 'Clank! Clank! Thunk! Scrape! Pyramid Head has come to rape!' So watch yourself." Shakey concluded. There was a long pause. Humphrey was trembling. "Hey guys, I have to go, I dont feel well." Humphrey 说 as he ran off. The three omegas stared in confusion.

*Flash Back Ends*

The 狼 decided to call it a night and drop the whole Fukaro thing. Lilly and Garth went to their cave and fell asleep 下一个 to each-other.
At about 1:00 A.M. they both woke up to hear a loud scrapping sound. "Garth..." Lilly whined. "Oh god its him." Garth whimpered. Sure enough at the entrance of the cave was Pyramid Head with a spear instead of the great knife. "Lilly, get to the back of the room, I will hold him off." Garth ordered. "No Garth!" Lilly cried. "Just fucking do it!" Garth snapped. Lilly cowered in the corner. Pyramid Head hissed and proceeded to fight Garth. Garth jumped and bit its right arm. Pyramid Head seemed to grunt as it "looked" at its wound. Garth tried to jump on its 头盔 but as he did, Pyramid Head grabbed Garth 由 the scruff. "RUN! LILLY! GO TO YOUR PARENTS! TELL MY DAD I 爱情 HIM!" Garth screamed. Lilly, who was crying, nodded as she whizzed past Pyramid Head. "LILLY! I 爱情 YOU!" Garth cried as she turned to see Pyramid Head rip Garth's skin off him.

Lilly ran to Winston and Eve's cave and howled. They both ran out to see Pyramid Head holding Garth's body and well, 你 know. "TONY!" Eve cried. Tony ran out to see Garth and Pyramid Head. "NO! GARTH! 你 KILLED MY SON!" Tony screamed as he charged at Pyramid Head. "No Tony!" Lilly cried but it was too late. He ran right into Pyramid Head's large spear. "Oh Jesus... LILLY! GET UP HERE NOW!" Eve screamed. Lilly pointed her paw to the entrance of the cave. The two elder 狼 turned to see another Pyramid Head with the great 刀 approaching them. The other Pyramid Head was just behind Lilly. "RUN LILLY! JUST GO! LEAVE JASPER!" Her parents cried. Then, right in front of Lilly, her parents were sliced in half. But before she could leave, the Pyramid Head behind her jabbed his spear into her stomach. She was killed instantly. The two Pyramid Heads then vanished into thin air. Leaving five bloody corpses behind them. And several days later, these attacks occurred until the Eastern and Western Packs were no more....
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When we left off Humphrey, Hunter, Kate, Moone, and the pups were going to an unknown destination for Macey.

"Humphrey hurry up. We need to catch up to Hunter." Says an angry Kate. "I had to have it Kate it is something so good I needed it." Says Humphrey with a guilty smile. "Why is it every time we see a 杯形饼, 蛋糕 we have to stop?" Asks Kate. "Have 你 tried one yet?" Asks Humphrey back.

"No. And I really don't want to." Says Kate. "Yes 你 do." Says Humphrey who then drops a 杯形饼, 蛋糕 package in front of her. "No I don't." 回复 Kate. Humphrey smiles. "Why not? 你 have to admit it looks good...
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(WARNING! Read at your on will, it has violent content)

3 in the morning
Southern territory
(Yuri's POV)

"Hmm, what can I do to really make the East and West mad, maybe I could kill one of their civilian wolves. Maybe, no, I got it I'll wolfnap the Eastern dog's wife, he got real mad at me just 由 chasing her so this should be fun!!" I exclaimed with a devilish smile. As he left the 巢穴, den, 书房 he rapidly sprinted to the Eastern territory leaping over rivers, logs, human sized rocks, and other stuff until he arrived at the Eastern territory. "Aww look at them they look so cute when they sleep, shame I'm...
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This is a biography of Alpha and Omega life after the movie characters. Alpha and Omega the movie characters like Kate and Humphrey are not included.
Character: Moone

Gender: Female

毛皮 Color: Silver

Age: 19

Weight: 102 lbs.

Bio:Moone was an omega who always wanted to be an alpha. She would keep asking all the alphas to teach her. But they kept refusing. Then when the rank law was removed then she was free to learn. She also loved Humphrey when they first met. She still does.
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Kate & Humphrey Adventures.
Spring of 2012 Chapter 1. Part 1 of 2. “Where are they?”

Kate arranged a party to be held in the new cave to celebrate the “big game” 动物 returning to Jasper. It’s been a few days after the end of winter and today was the rainiest outside so she thought going into the cave would be a perfect idea. Everyone quickly fled their caves as the news broke out. Jasper was a place that every 狼 dreamed about to party. Kate and Humphrey already had the 海滩 filled with activities before the first guests came. The games ranged from a surfing to 火, 消防 breathing,...
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K since I only got one 评论 I'm goin to write based on his 评论 and instead of putty lonewolf82 all the time I'm just gonna put(/) instead it looks like a w. ****** strong sexual scenes ahead******

Are 你 ready Lilly?

Yeah Garth I'm ready.

Let's get started then.

Lilly walked around Garth in circles waving her tail in his face. She then stopped in front of Garth and lie down on her back spreading her legs. Garth inspected Lilly's 爱情 hole and took in all the scents. With his cock getting bigger and harder he started to rub it against Lilly's face. Lilly licked it until it was fully erect....
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posted by Thelosthuston54
I was with my sisters, kate and lilly one day. my dad winston told us to go get lunch. we left. but apparently the humans were in my dads 巢穴, den, 书房 at the time. they wanted him to sign a contract that approves the filming. he signed it. bet my dad didnt know that i was going to be taken away from him for filming movie causes 或者 something i dont know. but i was taken 由 them. i remember eve getting shot 由 a dart. kate and lilly didnt know what was going on. my dad couldnt do anything about it. they took me away and changed me into a human. and now idk what to do 或者 how im going to get to my parents 或者 sisters. i really dont know my own age. i dont care if 你 dont believe me 或者 not. but this is what happened to me. it changed everything for me. i cry everyday because im not with my sisters 或者 parents. im with humans.
Alpha And Omega is supposed to be a family movie! I'll talk to 你 guys with out caring about what language I use cause this is just rediculous! 你 guys are filling this club with a bunch of "zombie" "Evil twin" and a BUNCH of sexual SHIT!" If someone who never saw this movie came here and read all this...I bet they would write a complaint to Lions Gate 或者 sonething! (just a dumb example) 移动 all this SHIT to another 粉丝 club! I'm going to make my our 粉丝 club of Alpha And Omega and no obe better fill it up with all this SHIT! It's HUGE SIN to take a nice movie and turning it into something diabolical!

And let me make this REAL CLEAR I don't care how much "HATE" 评论 I get cause I know I'm doing something right. Oh and BTW If your a real alpha and omega fan, then you'll agree with me.

♪Have a nice day!♪
Through the night, bathed in the light filtering in from the moon, high in the center of the sky, Eight and 紫丁香, 丁香 sat in embrace, holding each other closely, tightly. Neither of them 说 a word, but there was nothing that needed to be spoken. Their hearts ringing out in their chests 说 it all. They simply sat, the cool night air unnoticed as their combined body heat kept it at bay.
Lilac kept her head to Eight's chest, her head down, eyes closed and ears back. Her tail curled around her and she got as close to him as she could, listening all the while to his 心 beat in his rib cage.
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posted by REDWolfleader
In the morning, she was still sleeping 下一个 to me.I changed my clothes and got my hiking gear on.
"What are 你 doing?"Kaila asked sleepily
"I told 你 I was going on a hike,so come on."
After a few 分钟 we came upon a valley,
"Is that your pack?"
"Yes!"she 说 running down the slope,
"Gotta 爱情 excitement."I laughed to myself running down the slope also.I stopped 由 a big 树 and set my stuff down.I saw all the 狼 in the valley running toward us. I then took an at-ease pose.Three 狼 decided to try to kill me but with the amount of adrenaline in my blood they couldn't catch me....
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Eight padded quickly along down the trail, around the 巢穴, den, 书房 rock, stopping here 或者 there to brush himself off and shake out, getting his 毛皮 as neat as he could along his way. Not that the effort availed him, his shaggy mane would have none of it especially since his winter 涂层, 外套 was almost fully in now.
The moon was making its ascent into the sky now, hanging huge over the entire world, boasting its borrowed light for all to see. The bright white surface was beaming down on the world, bathing everything in the same white light.
The night was cold tonight, Eight's breath hung in the air as he...
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