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Do you think that you look like Alfred Hitchcock? If you don't, do you know someone (a relative, co-worker, baby, pet) who looks like Alfred? The Broadway company of Alfred Hitchcock's THE 39 STEPS believes that Hitchcock lives in all of us. In celebration of HITCHCOCK MONTH (Sept 2009) Alfred Hitchcock's THE 39 STEPS is holding a look-a-like contest.

So take a photo of you or someone you know who looks like Alfred and you can win a BIG PRIZE. Remember, the photo need not be an exact likness of our beloved Alfred, but it should convey his persona.

4 Finalists shall be selected to appear for a LIVE VOTE where the audience of Alfred Hitchcock's THE 39 STEPS will decide who is the best Look A Like!

The Finalists each win 4 tickets (for you and three guests) to attend Alfred Hitchcock's THE 39 STEPS on Tuesday evening Sept 15. After the performance, the 4 finalists will be invited to appear on-stage and the audience will vote LIVE to select the grand prize winner of the SECOND ANNUAL ALFRED HITCHCOCK LOOK-A-LIKE CONTEST. The winner will be awarded a fabulous prize package and the title of BEST ALFRED HITCHCOCK LOOK-A-LIKE (value: priceless!).

Cost to enter: Nothing! It's Alsolutely Free!

Who Can Enter: Males, females, kids, pets, pet rocks... anyone and any thing can enter the look-a-like contest, as long as they reside within the NYC area.

How to enter: Send your Alfred Hitchcock Look A Like photo via email to In the subject line, please write "Look A Like", and in the body of the email please give us the name of the person/thing in the photo (if not you), your name, your phone number, and your mailing address.

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