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Купалінка, купалінка,
Цёмная ночка,
Цёмная ночка,
А дзе ж твая дочка?

Мая дочка ў садочку
Ружу, ружу поліць,
Ружу, ружу поліць,
Белы ручкі коліць.

Кветачкі рвець, кветачкі рвець,
Вяночкі звівае,
Вяночкі звівае,
Слёзкі пралівае.

(Translation 由 Ellen Nl)

Kupalinka, Kupalinka
It’s dark in the night
It’s dark in the night
Where is your daughter, Kupalinka?

My daughter is in the garden
She weeds the rose
She weeds the rose
And wounds her white hands

She picks the flowers
She picks the flowers
And weaves garlands
She weaves garlands and sheds tears.
Тобою околдован, окрылен,
И строчка песни новой: я влюблен.
Кружат калейдоскопом день за днем,
Мне не до того, я влюблен!

Я влюблен!

С тобою так легко, чудеса!
По небу босиком, небеса.
Смеяться, танцевать, под дождем
И снова повторять: я влюблен!

Друзья не понимают, но и пусть!
А я счастливым быть не боюсь.
В песок, уходит время, как вода,
А я...
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In english:

Eurovision winner norwegian Alexander Rybak exposes in Seura- magazine that he still wouldn't betray.

- It is hard for me to say no to sex if it is on offer. Exept now: even there are 5000 girls in my concert, I can only think that one girl which one I love.

He exposes that he had earlier met some 粉丝 and sometimes he went a little bit far with them.

Rybak himselfs thinks that he hadn't abused position

- I think it is better to say that I'm     

Rybak has dated with winners of different competitions

- It is easy to be with someone who adores you.

Translated: Hanatee and pepu
Αλεξάντερ Ρίμπακ: “Σαν παιδί ήμουν ένας κλόουν”

Τον γνωρίσαμε μόλις πριν 2 χρόνια, μετά τη νίκη του στη Γιουροβίζιον του 2009. Από τότε ο Αλεξάντερ Ρίμπακ δεν χάθηκε ανάμεσα στους αναρίθμητους Ευρωπαίους αστέρες της ποπ και εξελίχθηκε σε έναν από τους πιο δημοφιλείς καλλιτέχνες στη Γηραιά Ήπειρο. Ασφαλώς είναι ιδιαίτερα αγαπητός...
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Swedish Lyrics

Lyrics 由 Mats Paulson

"Till En Vildmarkspoet"

Och snön föll vit i vinterskog
där räven stod på lur
för tystnaden i blånad vildmarkstrakt.
Här dröjde du vid kojans eld
och drömde om en vår
och skrev din sång och höll vid milan vakt.

Nu porlar 巢穴, den, 书房 i vårens tid
din fors i milsvid skog!
Nu surrar 巢穴, den, 书房 av bin din sommaräng!
Jag anar spår av kärva steg
som trötta spelmän tog
och rosors blod
i ton från sorgens sträng.
Än sjunger vinden vida,
när hösten brinner röd,
din sång om livets villkor,
om kamp för hem och bröd.
Nu porlar 巢穴, den, 书房 i vårens tid
din fors i milsvid skog!
Nu surrar...
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(VG Nett) Andrea Victoria (14) fikk fela til Alexander Rybak under VG-Lista Topp 20 igår kveld. (VG Nett) Andrea Victoria (14) had to fiddle Alexander Rybak under VG-Lista Topp 20 yesterday evening.

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- Herregud, det er kjempegøy, utbryter Andrea Victoria Horda Hoelseth (14) fra Sandefjord til VG Nett. - Oh, it's great, exclaims Andrea Victoria Horda Hoel Seth (14) from...
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posted by SofiaMnl
A: Συγχαριτίρια για τη νίκη σου στο διαγωνισμο!Το περίμενες;

A.R:Το ήθελα πολύ και γι'αυτό έδωσα τον καλύτερό εαυτό μου.Το περίμενα πολύ βαθιά μέσα μου και ομολογώ ότι δεν τόλμησα να το πω σε κανέναν.Βέβαια από κάποια στιγμή και μετά η προσπάθεια ήταν πολύ μεγάλη, η κούραση μεγαλύτερη και σημασία είχε να είναι η παρουσία μου άψογη,οπότε...
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In the beggining of March the winner of Eurovision song contest back in 2009, Alexander Rybak (24), showed off his new girlfriend, Maria Slyngstad.

But even though the couple is madly in 爱情 nowadays, the two of them doesn't get to see each other often. To seher.no Alexander Rybak says that he is traveling over 340 days a year.

The last few days Alexander Rybak have worked as a reporter for NRK under Eurovision, and Rybak admits the he misses his girlfriend alot when he's gone.

- Of course I miss her, but I'm trying to be positive. The most important for me is to have fun and do my best to...
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Nostalgic summer breeze from the countryside


“Det går en vind over vindens ängar”. And there Alexander Rybak is sitting, suntanned in the Norwegian summer’s breeze, ready to sweep over the country with Swedish songs, written 由 73 years old Mats Paulson.

- I wish that my album will be a present for everybody, even the adult audience. I am widening my audience a bit with this project, Rybak says about “Visa vid vindens ängar”

The album is fully recorded in the studio of Knut Bjørnar Asphol in Gjerdrum, with among other the Eidsvoll man Stian Carstensen as a musician. The critics...
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STRICT ORDER: Alexander Rybak was guest in thursdays program of “Happy Day” and gave a clear order, that Jan Thomas was not to touch his eyebrows.

All Norway’s fiddler, Alexander Rybak, prefers to dress discrete, but loves clothes with Mickey Mouse- motives.

– Stay away from the eyebrows!

Alexander Rybak admits, that he is probably as many other guys, when it comes to styling. – “I am probably one of those, who pretend I don´t care about what I wear, but actually, I spend 更多 time in front of the mirror, than one should think”,- says Alexander.

The fiddler is ready for a makeover...
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We got to know him only 2 years 以前 – after his victory in the ESC 2009. Since then Alexander Rybak hasn’t been 迷失 among countless European pop-artists and has become one of the most 流行的 artists in Europe. Of course, he is loved especially in CIS countries. It’s understandable, because Alexander is Belorussian originally although he represented Norway in the famous song contest. Moreover the musician isn’t tired to repeat in his interviews that he considers himself Russian in the soul.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2011, ended several months ago, also couldn’t take place without...
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posted by Katyakoka
C’était tellement beau
Comme cette fille me rendait fou
Je l’aimais
Plus qu’il ne faut
Elle m’a quitté
Malgré tout

(I’m in love….)

C’est une fée
Une fleur sauvage
Qui s’invite
Et puis s’envole
De ses yeux
Je suis otage
Je l’attends
Comme un baiser du sort
Chaque nuit
Je suis en danger
Elle se pose à nouveau
Dans mon songe
Un songe étrange
De ma vie
Je n’ai jamais rien vu d’aussi beau
L’amour idéal
Sur mon cœur, posé
Et me laisse
Les yeux pleins d’étoiles
C’est une fleur, une fée
"Irresistable genre cocktail"

Arbout 70 children and young people got to work with Alexander Rybak and ended with a bang.

Since Friday, children and young people from Helgeland, Sweden and Russia worked intensively to put together songs for a final 音乐会 on Sunday evening.
Promoter Prima 音乐 School and 《音乐情人梦》 Sørensen has worked continuously for 2 months to put it all together.
There have been some tough months until now. It’s a challenge to guide so many children and young people up to such an event. I want to thank parents and Helgeland Sparebank for all the help, Sørensen says.
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I won't blame the hurting on you
You left in the sweetest way
I won't say that it's you
Makin' me feel this way

It's the 心 and the soul and the body and the brain
Driving me insane
But the wind and the land and the 火, 消防 and the rain
All will stay the same

I, I, I
Wanna roll with the wind bringing distance to everything
I, I, I

I, I, I
Wanna sit 由 the 火, 消防 and glance at the pouring rain
I, I, I
I, I, I

I won't claim it's all 'cause of you
I guess that I played a part
It's just that I never knew
I'd fall for 你 from the start

There's a hole in the 心 and a picture in the frame
Driving me insane
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'Nebaschil Europy'

Supakoj mjane na nebe dushy,
U sjertsy ljubou ty zapіshy,
Vyvuchaju ja tsjabe da drabnіts,
Maru z taboj razam sasnіts’

Gory, rjekі, gaі, lugі,
Tut moj dom, tut beragі.

Nebashіl Europy, znou malady,
Z vysі gljadzіts’ na garady,
Da dushy tvajoj taemnaj svjatlo
Shljaham nachnym znou pryvjalo.

Pramіnajuts’ karagodam zjamlі
Nashyh vachjej dva karablі,
Dakranіsja da pavetranyh kryl,
My paplyvem za nebashіl.

Sontsa, zory, ljasy, Susvet
My gljadzіm z vyshynі planet

Nebashіl Europy, znou malady,
Z vysі gljadzіts’ na garady,
Da dushy tvajoj taemnaj svjatlo
Shljaham nachnym...
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Alexander Rybak admits that wearing the Norwegian flag on his chest, representing his country in this years Eurovision Song Contest is a dream come true for him, in a way his own Fairytale!.

Eurovision.tv caught up with Alexander during his hectic schedule in Moscow.

Eurovision.tv: Alexander, can 你 tell us how it all started for 你 with regards to your musical interests?

Alexander : "Well, does it count when I first sang in front of my parents? If so, then that was when I was two and a half years old. I composed my first song when I was three, I think it was about trees 或者 something!. The violin...
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posted by Emmanouela96
Deep in your heart
there's a small hidden room
and 你 know that I hold the key.
You're gonna travel all over the world,
Places where I'll never be.

Someday you'll marry
the man of your dreams,
And I will be crying all night,
but there is a secret that both of us know,
that's why I'm feeling alright,
yes there is a secret that both of us know
and that's why I'm feeling alright.

There may be smart guys and tall guys
who's stronger than me,
ten times the charmer that I'll ever be,
But one thing Maria I sure didn't miss,
your very first kiss.

Need I say 更多 the feeling is pure
and I felt the warmth of your lips....
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Participants in the project "MasterShef" had already managed to get the master classes of broadcasters Oksana Marchenko and Maxim Chmerkovskogo, singer and showman Alexander Krivoshapko Sergei Sosedova. The 下一个 显示 was a guest musician, Alexander Fisher, who flew in from Norway especially to teach the participants to prepare the project of Norwegian salmon.

This is a dish that is very 流行的 in his country and is often cooked in his family. On average, it should be 30-40 分钟 of cooking. "Our party is 给 an 小时 due to the fact that for them it is a new dish - 说 a 食物 producer...
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posted by Alexhelen24
В юности боль забывается скоро,
Слёзы смахнув, ты смеёшься опять.
Время пройдёт, и всегда лишь такою
Буду тебя вспоминать.

Счастье короткое Бог нам отмерил,
Непостоянна людская душа,
Я ведь не зря в эту сказку не верил,
Слишком она хороша.

Как ты красива сегодня,
Нет в моём сердце ни боли, ни зла,
Как ты красива сегодня,
Как ты сегодня светла....
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back in 爱情 - with Swedish girl

When Alexander Rybak appeared on the "Sing-along at Skansen" earlier this summer, there was a special girl in the audience: his new Swedish girlfriend. They met when the Norwegian visited at Gröna Lund. "Yes, and it was she who found me," he says.
The Norwegian "näcken" prefer Swedish girls.

Alexander Rybak wrote "Fairy Tale" about an old flame. Now she is definitely forgotten - Rybak met a Swedish girl.

- Yes, 或者 it was she who met me, "says the violinist.

"I'm in 爱情 with a fairy tale" sings Alexander Rybak, 23, in eurovision winner "Fairytale".

But the text...
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