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After announcing her graduation earlier this week, After School’s Bekah has released new graduation 照片 through her fancafe and Twitter.

As promised, the graduation 照片 were taken with her fellow After School members.

A representative of the photoshoot said, “The graduation photoshoot was held in a positive atmosphere. All of the members wanted to be 由 her side and battled over who could would be able to sit 下一个 to her. After the last cut, Bekah did 显示 tears.”

Pledis tweeted, “On the afternoon of the 18th, Bekah had a graduation party with the Pledis staff and After School members at our building in Yuksam-dong. The members and staff shared tears and laughter over past memories and everything that they couldn’t say before. Bekah also delivered messages she had prepared and revealed her plans for the future to everyone present.”

Bekah will be returning to Hawaii after concluding the group’s first album “Shampoo” promotions to focus on studying design.
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Kim Jung Ah - Sexy Charm is Mine

The owner of a body of 167cm, 50kg. She was the Son Dam Bi at this past year’s SBS ‘Gayo Dajeon’ and KBS ‘Gayo DaeChukjae.’ She caught the gaze of viewers when she danced and showed off her powerful sexy charm alongside Park Ga Hee on stage. “I am the sexy beauty on the team,”
Kim Jung Ah introduced herself, “At first I couldn’t dance well, but my skills advanced after receiving training from (Park)Ga Hee Unni,” she revealed her secret. Her dream is to become a singer to her 粉丝 或者 to become a recognized musician with influence over stars.
嘿 guys I've recently got into After School and I've noticed that there were only two 俱乐部 for members. So I've decided to make them for all the members

Kahi (Not Mine):






So Young:








Nana (Not Mine):








Some people have already joined and have started to post and contribute! I hope 你 can join!
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Park Ga Hee - Charismatic Leader

She was famous as a back dancer even before her debut . Since the time of BoA’s “My Name,” she has had dazzling looks and body. She was respected as an exceptional back dancer. After seven years of working as a back dancer, she debuted with Son Dam Bi as a member of S-Blush, a three member girl group. Though S-Blush was not as successful as had been hoped, Son Dam Bi went solo. Park Ga Hee became the leader of After School, and with the change began the endeavor for her own success. 168cm. 51 kg. She has a toned body from dancing and says, “I am the charismatic one in the team. I dream of delivering a performance that will give my 粉丝 the chills.”
After School’s Bekah has announced that she will be departing from the group.

As 粉丝 already know, After School debuted with an ‘admissions and graduation’ concept. Although they’ve had several new additions over the course of their career, the group will finally be graduating a member 下一个 month, and its turned out to be rapper Bekah.

Pledis Entertainment representatives said, “Bekah made the request herself, so after much discussion with the members, her family, and our company, she has decided to graduate from After School and return to Hawaii to pursue her original dream of becoming...
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This album was made possible through all the members’ sweat and efforts. This time around, it was harder for anyone of us. Anyway, we added up the number of our supporters as well. ^^ And I’d like to thank 你 all. To my dear After School members ^^ , even though I’m not a good leader, all of 你 were able to complete the training/goals. Please be reminded that we are “a perfect team.” !! Thanks 你 so much. We’ve tried our best.!! I 爱情 you. ♥

^^Finally, to people whom I’ll never forget, all my 粉丝 who brought up here from nothing, I sincerely thank you. ^^ From now...
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Eyoung wants to play 吉他 with Marty Friedman. She was impressed 由 his live performances. She thinks that he can express his feeling and explode pressure [Might be rocker expression?] well through music. Eyoung praises him for his wonderful techniques. She tells him she wanted to follow his style right after she listened to his music.

Eyoung shows Friedman “First Love” arranged-by-herself version [might be the one that Pledis uploaded]. She says she wasn’t sure if it’s good. Friedman tells her the song (and the fact that she plays all instruments 由 herself) is awesome! Then he asked...
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On June 5th, MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” interviewed the ladies of After School on their bathroom secrets.

Because the girls have so many members, they revealed that they have to use the bathroom with four members at a time. One of the members revealed, “We 淋浴 four members at a time. One side washes their hair while the other side brushes their teeth. There are even members that use the toilet.”

Some of the other members, however, playfully denied the statement 由 adding, “That’s not true.”

The interview also covered some footage from their early debuts. On the topic of Kahi doing the splits during their performances, she revealed, “I did do the splits before until a new member came in that was capable of doing it in all different directions. I haven’t done the splits since.”
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Eyoung: 5 years old learned 吉他 & piano, 9 yrs old learned ballet, jazz dance & popping, 10 years old learned drum, flute & cello.

Her class schedule back then was even busier than her schedule in AS

사실 이번 앨범에 제가 만든 곡이 한 곡 수록될 뻔 했는데 아쉽게 빠졌어요. 다음 앨범에는 꼭 들어갔으면 좋겠어요." Eyoung’s self-composed song almost made it into this album :<

Q: How did a musical instruments learner become a girl group member?

A: Eyoung’s father always recorded her performances at the contests she participated in. Her...
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Following a 最近的 announcement 由 Pledis Entertainment about how After School was preparing to break into the Japanese market, the group has now launched their official Japanese website!

The website contains the latest news about After School, along with each of the member’s profiles and embedded 链接 of their 音乐 videos.

There have also been talks about the group contracting with Japanese agency AVEX, however these rumors have yet to be confirmed. Nevertheless, with After School collaborating with AVEX artist Amuro Namie for their first Japanese project, the chances of these rumors being true seem to be 更多 favorable than not.
After School, who has been teasing 粉丝 with a galore of sexy photos, has unveiled the full track 列表 for their 6th 马克西, 最大 single album 'First Love'!

As previously mentioned, After School reunited with 《勇敢传说》 Brothers to bring to 你 the 标题 track, "First Love", which compares one's first 爱情 to a 'beautiful memory inside a black-and-white photograph' and perhaps leave 粉丝 declaring After School to be their first love.

But the 列表 of hitmaking producers doesn't stop there as the eight beautiful ladies teamed up with east4a who previously worked with their subunit 橙子, 橙色 Caramel, for the...
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After School’s Kahi has been postponing her solo debut since late last year, but her agency has finally confirmed that they’ve got an end 日期 in sight.

On January 4th, a representative of Pledis Entertainment revealed to TV Report, “The 总体, 整体 concept of the album is done. Kahi will be making her solo debut before After School’s official comeback.”

The reason for the delay was revealed to be Kahi’s inability to pick a suitable 标题 track. Aside from the 标题 track, the album is nearly complete. To allow Kahi 更多 time to better perfect her album, Pledis had 橙子, 橙色 焦糖 come...
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