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The grim musical chapter 1
It was just a normal 日 in Endsville. REALLY! No chaos no destruction no monsters nothing. “Grim have 你 noticed anything weird 或者 better yet……NOT weird?” asked Mandy. “Actually yes Mandy and its quite nice don’t 你 think?” Grim asked. “NO!” replied Mandy. “I want 你 to make the chaos and 或者 destruction NOW!” Mandy told Grim. “I don’t know Mandy.” replied Grim. “I 说 NOW!!!!” retorted Mandy. “OOOOOHHHHH LETS PICK OUR NOSES THAT ALWAYS MAKES ME FEEL BETTER!” yelled Billy way 更多 dramatically then he needed to. “Billy that...
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7:04 to 7:09 The episode where Billy and Irwin go over to Mandy's house to watch a giant monster battle movie of the week, and Grim takes them to 日本 to watch actual giant monsters fight.
billy and mandy
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Everything was normal and casual at the center of the earth and Nergal Junior was in his room laying on his 床, 床上 just staring at the ceiling thinking (which he does to much of)what he always does...things that sting his heart. But he doesn't do it to make himself feel bad but it's like that's the only thing on his mind. Then his dad came in. Nergal:HELLO SON! Junior:uhhh....hi dad? Nergal: whatcha doin? Junior:just staring at the ceiling thinking. Nergal:NOT ANYMORE! Junior:WHAT!? Nergal:me and your mother are going on a vacation for a few days and you'll spend those few days with your cousin...
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Billy gets a tricycle from a mysterious boy in a porta-potty.