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Fionna's Pov

*Later that night.*

Cake and I were getting ready for bed. I climbed upon my 床, 床上 and crashed down on it, staring at the ceiling. Cake climbed into the drawer on the other side of the room. She liked to sleep there, I wasn't sure why. 猫 do like to sleep in strange places, I guess. I sighed a little, Cake noticed.

"What's wrong, girl?" I sat up and looked at Cake. She was pulling her blanket up with her small kitty paws.

"No." Was all I managed to say. I shook my head. I didn't even make any sense, but Cake understood what I meant.

"I know 你 better than that, Fionna." I...
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Fionna's Pov

"Cake!" I yelled as the nearly thirty foot monster grabbed me with it's claws. I wasn't sure what it was exactly, but it looked sort of like a giant purple wolf. There were crazy creatures wondering around Aaa.

"Fionna!" She yelled back as she used her stretching powers to grow larger and reach for me. I grabbed her paws and she tugged trying to pull me out of the monster's grip. Soon enough, the monster released me. Cake pulled me back down to the ground safely. I ran towards the monster with my sword, slashing it with all of my might , but it didn't seem to harm it at all. Suddenly,...
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The heat TURNED ON! FInally!

I was dropped . Pian looked 更多 like she saw a ghost, which cannot be right. She is one! "Pfft,hi I was racing Cake up a tree.",I tried to lie. SHE KNEW EVERRYYTHINGGG.
Luckily she let it go . She gave me a package. I ran away. The others followed.'Waht'd 你 get?",they asked. Hmm. What did I get? I opened the package. We were transported to Nose< her mini hippo."Hi, eat that . Pwease!",he 说 cutely. Too cutely we ate the invisible stuff." Ahhhhhh!",i yelled. It was all a dream. 或者 was it?

to be continued<look for the adventures of Pian in a rowdyruff boys club
"Nuh uh Cake. That is not her. She never blushes!"I argued."Honey,I have better eyesight than you,so I have to say ,IT'S PIAN!"Cake 说 kinda yelling. 更多 like a whipper though.
"Then why did 你 think she was blushing ? I didn't here you."I 说 giving up arguing. "Well,I think she might like Marshal."Cake answered. I was suprised. And because of Pian's crazy powers,I met a boy who looked exactly like me. He didn't look like a girl though. Finn is his name. Our worlds morphed together,and are 你 still 阅读 this? Any who , Finn was standing behind me and Came with his dog Jake.
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