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I was 阅读 up somewhere that Junho will be replacing Jae-bum. But I have confirmed itXD...after several hours of searching, I went to there official site and here's the information for 你 all.


No new leader will be chosen for 2PM.

JYP Entertainment company stated that they felt there was no need for picking a new leader in current 2PM because every member had matured to take care of their own business. As JYP 说 in Golden 鱼 Tank talk 显示 (details), he is planning of bringing back Jae-Bum to 2PM in the future and picking a new leader might give a wrong idea to the fans.

It is reported that it will be hard to see members of 2PM in a Korean variety shows for a while. This is part of their effort to mitigate the ripple effect of Jae-Bum incident.
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