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Describe Luna in one word.

35 answers | my answer: Different

Do 你 know some people around 你 who dislike 或者 hate harry potter??

13 answers | my answer: Yeah, some of my 老友记 think that it is over rate...

don't 你 think harry was better for hermineie

27 answers | my answer: No way. Ron and Hermionie are just too perfect toge...

What do 你 think Severus Snape deserves : Hell,Limbo 或者 Heaven.

6 answers | my answer: Heaven. He has already made up for everything.

Who would be: Your best friend (girl), Your best friend (boy), Your brother, Your sister, Just a friend(boy), Just a friend (girl), Your mom, Your dad, 你 girlfriend/boyfriend?

93 answers | my answer: Best friend girl: Luna Best friend boy: Ron Broth...

If 你 could meet just one character from Harry Potter, who would 你 meet? Why?

42 answers | my answer: Luna because shes like me :)

What is something 你 爱情 about your least 最喜爱的 character & what is something 你 hate about your 最喜爱的 character?

19 answers | my answer: something I 爱情 about Umbridge is she loves cats....

Describe your 最喜爱的 character in one word.

79 answers | my answer: Unique Luna

Which Hogwarts house would 你 LEAST like to be in?

42 answers | my answer: Slytherin.

~Harry Potter 壁纸 Contest~

5 answers | my answer: Heres mine