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  • Female, 37 years old
  • Jamesville, United States of America
  • Favorite TV Show: 欢乐满屋
    Favorite Movie: Santa buddies
    Favorite Musician: Luke Bryan
    Favorite Book or Author: Stephen king "It"
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evan83004 说 …
你 are on full house my favrate 显示 i'm a big 粉丝 发布 一年多以前
sweetkrissy2 说关于 John Stamos
你 are so cute 发布 一年多以前
sweetkrissy2 说关于 John Stamos
Hi john stamos, how are 你 doing today? I am your biggest fan. I just 爱情 你 in full house as uncle jesse and when 你 were on ER as Tony Gates. 你 are such a great actor and singer. 你 play the drums very well. I can't believe that 你 still sing with the 海滩 Boys, I just 爱情 it when 你 sing Forever. It is my 最喜爱的 song. I 爱情 你 John Stamos. 你 are awesome. 你 never changed your looks, from Full House to Now. That is great. BYE. I hope some 日 be able to meet you. 发布 一年多以前
amystamosfan 评论…
no i am his nuber one 粉丝 i know every thing about him so 你 need to stop ling 一年多以前
stamosgirls1 评论…
@amystamosfan i am also his number one fan.. everybody has their own number of likes. so don't say no i am his number 1 粉丝 when alot of people are number 粉丝 of john stamos. so 你 just be nice. 一年多以前
stamosgirls1 评论…
and don't be judging people 一年多以前