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Can anyone tell me why Sam and Dean dont wear seatbelts when they are in the Impala?

12 answers | my answer: because impalas don't have 座位 belts. And actuall...

Guys! I'm going to print really big Dean's poster for my bedroom:)But I don't know what image to choose!!! Could 你 建议 smth. please!!!!

5 answers | my answer: I 爱情 these three... link...

What happened to the Impala on Supernatural? Now they drive some other classic. Any clue?

31 answers | my answer: Yep its the same 67 Chevy Impala. XD i want it!...

Hey, is the someone some know all the 音乐 或者 somthing from the shows? i wants to know i 爱情 almost every song in 邪恶力量

3 answers | my answer: link Ther...

图标 help: Bleeding Dean.

3 answers | my answer: i so agree. :D

I want to start watching Supernatural, but help me pick an episode to start off with.

9 answers | my answer: Id buy them on DVD if i was you, they include the g...

post your fav pic of sam and dean!!

16 answers | my answer: Ok, I'm finding it realy hard to just pick one!

i want to buy 邪恶力量 dvd help me please!!

3 answers | my answer: Which season are 你 wanting to buy?

Who is the most cool star?Jensen Ackles 或者 Jared Padalecki

9 answers | my answer: Jensen Ackles. Their both great but i 爱情 Jensen!...

Whats your 最喜爱的 song? and 由 who?

30 answers | my answer: It's between two - and i can't decide. Highway...