Alone Walker

潮流粉丝俱乐部始于November 2012年

  • Dhaka, 孟加拉共和国
  • Favorite TV Show: The big bang theory,Two and a half men,Generator Rex,Beyblade metal masters (a bit kiddish, right?)
    Favorite Movie: Harry Potter,Cars 2,Diary Of A Wimpy Kid,Ghost riders and other MARVEL 电影院
    Favorite Musician: E-X-O, Shinee, Blackpink, Girl's Generation, BTS, Big Bang,K.A.R.D.,........Akon,Justien Bieber,Katy Perry,Cascada,Akcent.
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Yo, Welcome back. How are you?? 发布 ·1个月前
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Hi Alone Walker :))))) 发布 ·5个月前
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Heya Simi Sim Sim... XD ·4个月前
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Yo where are you? XD 发布 ·6个月前
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Idk... Not dead yet... That's for sure ·6个月前
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Pft thank god. 或者 else I would've to arrange for your funeral and stuff. ·6个月前
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God knows what may happen afterwards... ·6个月前