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  • Female, 119 years old
  • Land of Oz, Israel
  • Favorite TV Show: House, Lie to me, True Blood, The Closer, X-Files, V
    Favorite Movie: Lisa Edelstein
    Favorite Musician: 嘎嘎小姐
    Favorite Book or Author: Lisa Edelstein
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secrets_union 说关于 Hugh & Lisa
Where are the beautiful writers of the fics? Huli is not happening in the real life, I need at least on fics. PLZ. 发布 一年多以前
walkingangel 评论…
I support the plea :( ... Just Friends...December/December...anyone... 一年多以前
simply_huddy 评论…
yeah!need my fix! 一年多以前
blinkbackatear 评论…
yes please, we are addicted... 一年多以前
Noeloe 评论…
I don't know if 你 will like it, but I did write something!;) 一年多以前
secrets_union 说关于 Hugh & Lisa
Where are the fics?? I need something to cheer me up. I beg! 发布 一年多以前
sheis1963 评论…
I was just about to post the same question! NEED MAH FIX! 一年多以前
huddy_ 我支持 my polls
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