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thank 你 for the 支持 你 lil nugget!
PS awesome 个人资料 editing <3 发布 ·8个月前
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But that "sexy slab of man" 评论 made me 哈哈 harder. XD 发布 ·8个月前
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This pick made me LOL. link 发布 ·8个月前
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would 你 like to be my friend and girl friend 发布 ·8个月前
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Yes. Marry me, 你 sexy slab of man. ·8个月前
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Yup I didn't realize how draining she was at times. But I did realize alot of her bad points before but now that I am not 老友记 with her. I see a huge amount of the issues she had. But conversely I don't believe true 老友记 are hard to find. I have found alot of really good 老友记 vs the fake so called 老友记 honestly. It depends on your perspective I presume. And you're just as awesome. You're one of the ones on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 I 爱情 having a 辩论 with. Real meeting of the minds tbh. 发布 ·9个月前
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FUCK I know that feel because I had no flyswatter at the time. I had a damn fly out of the sky because they were annoying me and damn right bugs. 耶稣 Christ. Summer is too annoying sometimes. ·9个月前
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hit a damn fly with my hands" ·9个月前
Hopefully it doesn't happen to me lol. I hope I can skip this time as I did last time. Yes I think 你 and my other 老友记 are right. I am much better off without them. The key is finding a friend who won't bother 你 on small talk 你 know sara. I mean look at us we're friends. I hope you're not bored with me. :^D Just find someone that can interact with 你 on the lvl 你 want and you're fine. Some people just simply cannot get along with everyone. It's just a fact. 发布 ·9个月前
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Well if it is a form of depression 你 might want to talk to a psychology 或者 something. 你 genuine want to do something about it but 你 can't. That could be a sign of something that is beyond your control. But until 你 get a psychology to talk to. Try to do the thing I suggested. ·9个月前
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My ex friend was a piece of a work. There's no doubt about that. She never trusted her 老友记 generally,was quick to cut off people. And was selfish. She didn't even really care if I wished her happy birthday and was 总体, 整体 a negative person at times. She did have pros but nowhere near enough pros to deal with this One 树 爬坡道, 小山 bullshit. ·9个月前
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你 are quite welcome. There's always good,neutral and evil. There's always a balance in this world even if we cannot see it is what I personally believe. ·9个月前
And about the jurors you're probably right hopefully I won't be picked. 发布 ·10个月前
Well I got a summon in my mail so I have to go but they 说 for me to call the evening before just to make sure. So it's a good chance I might not have to. I went last time and I didn't get picked for whatever reason and I see. Infinity War is an epic movie honestly. Funny scenes. I 爱情 the interactions. And everything just feel good. I'll talk to 你 更多 about it when 你 actually get time to watch it because no spoilers from me.

Well it isn't weird. You're just an introvert. 发布 ·10个月前
BlindBandit92 评论…
Just like 你 I spend alot of my days being alone and fine with that but unlike 你 I really enjoy having friends. I don't think it's fucked up if that is just your personality and nothing caused 你 to be that way. Some people are meant to have few friends. And other many and still others a intermediate amount of friends. I am also very cold honestly. I don't let things bother me often and I get off the feel that I am stoic and indifferent. (Which is true but I am also emotional as well at times) There's been situations where I've been stabbed in the back as well and I didn't really feel sad about it. Depending on what it was I'd either feel indifferent/annoyed 或者 angry I wasted my time getting to know them. So I understand what you're talking about in reference to extreme disconnection. ·10个月前
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There's nothing wrong with you. And 你 do care about people. I'll seen it firsthand. Someone that doesn't care about people wouldn't care about justice for minorities 或者 justice period. You're a strong advocate in that. I've seen several times where 你 were passionate about something. Not everyone will fuck 你 up but I can emphasize why 你 possibly feel that way. One of my good 老友记 ended up being an asshole to me recently. ·10个月前
BlindBandit92 评论…
Even if 老友记 argue have huge disagreements. That doesn't always signal the end of a friendship. If 你 feel like disconnecting is a flaw of yours. Try to work on it. I am trying to work on mine. Do things 你 don't normally do and try to develop a habit yk. But ya I truly understand where you're coming from. There's been many times I severely doubted everything about myself and went in depression mode. I also doubted my 老友记 honestly. And idk how much this would mean to 你 but I'd like to try to 显示 你 老友记 won't always backstab 你 由 example. Even if we disconnect I won't backstab you. ·10个月前
Idk if I was accurate then. I cant remember when I 发布 but regardless you're welcome lol. It's fine. I got jury duty in a 月 so that's funnnnnnnnnnnn. Other than that i am okay. Dreading the fact once summer comes my room will have volcanic temperatures.. I know you're a 粉丝 of comics so did 你 see Infinite War yet? 发布 ·10个月前
BlindBandit92 评论…
Also it's fine. I can't tell 你 the amount of times I accidentally do that to friends. I close off often. I had league of legends 老友记 and discord 老友记 and I didn't talk tot hem for like a 年 because I was caught up with what I want to do plus my computer had issues so I didn't install the game right away. And when I did install the game I procrastinated because 更新 were a bitch. Sometimes it's good to take breaks from online communities especially games but because of my ambiverted nature I tend to take really long breaks sometimes. ·10个月前
BlindBandit92 评论…
I am trying my best not to do that however. ·10个月前
If I remember correctly today is your birthday right? Happy birthday. 发布 ·11个月前
BlindBandit92 评论…
And if I am off (I doubt it) I might be off a few days either way. Happy birthday 或者 happy belated birthday. ·11个月前