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Who here has a crush on a Invader ZIM character?

11 answers | my answer: Dib is cute! XD

Is everyone a Canadian who is a 粉丝 on this club??

24 answers | my answer: No. I'm american. I want to visit toronto canada re...

What would 你 do if i 说 i am in your closet?????

99 answers | my answer: * SCREAMS * I DON'T WANT 你 IN MY CLOSET.. AHHHHHH...

Post a pic of the thing 你 hate mos in the world

17 answers | my answer: JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!

嘿 tell me your best yo' mama joke 你 got...:)

51 answers | my answer: Yo mama is so fat, that I don't even know how she w...

What fictional charater do 你 what to be?

18 answers | my answer: Rodrick Heffley from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. even tho...

What color is your hair?

62 answers | my answer: Mine is blondish brown.. but 更多 brown than blond....

everything i get from claires breaks, does that happen to anyone else ?

8 answers | my answer: yeah... i bought some earings from there a few mont...

Cutest pics 或者 wallpapaer of Selena Gomez!!! win props.

26 answers | my answer: heres mine! I <3 this one!

post a pic for selena looking bad girl!!

20 answers | my answer: heres mine! I 爱情 THIS!