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  • Canada
  • Favorite TV Show: The Vampire Diaries, glee,lost,supernatural,buffy the vampire slayer, How i met your mother, 犬夜叉
    Favorite Movie: Harry potter (all), child's plAY, CHILD'S PLAY 2,bride of chucky, seed of chucky,MANY 更多
    Favorite Book or Author: TO MANY TO NAME
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I've been great, either than a few stresses here and there but things are good now and I'm getting ready for the holidays. How about you? Are 你 as excited as I am for the 欢乐合唱团 圣诞节 episode Tuesday!?! 发布 一年多以前
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Heey, thanks for the add back can 你 please 加入 my page?

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yw,sure 一年多以前
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thanks for the add, i added 你 back :) 发布 一年多以前
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yw,ty! 一年多以前