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Is it me but before Michael kisses Nikita she has such a sad dejected look on her face? Like she thinks Michael is going to leave again and she losses him for a 秒 time. I don't know might just be me 发布 一年多以前
vivalavida 评论…
Yeah, she was deffo depressed. Maybe she thuoght that it was the last change to have him on her side, and she wouldn't know what else to do. But afterrrr! <3 一年多以前
pacman22091 评论…
Ya after that moment was well hot hot hot 一年多以前
RLjustice 评论…
I was thinking the same thing that she looked sad and dejected before Michael kisses her and makes that disappear. He is in 爱情 with her and her turning away he knew she was hiding that expression and then well 你 know what happens 一年多以前
OK 粉丝 of Mikita I want to know what people will predict of what will happen on the new episode of Nikita and how Michael comes back to her place saying she was right and the sex scene (hopefully it shows it) plays out. Pure fun and educated predictions. I predict Percy will be determined to kill a guy and Nikita is there to prevent it because the guy is innocent. Percy says the wrong thing and Michael finally opens his eyes 发布 一年多以前
vivalavida 评论…
I think that it will be something huge. In the past episodes, Michael already started to doubt about Percy because there are some things that he didn't tell to him 或者 he lied about. So maybe Percy has something to do with Kasim, 或者 something so unfair that make Michael change idea complitely! When he goes to Nikita, he's with her 100% and even his voice is 100% honest. I also think that his feelings for Nikita are too deeper and he's so in 爱情 with her, that he can't fight with her anymore. Even because Percy starts doubt about him, he knows that in some ways Michael is still in 爱情 with her and he won't ever kill her and that's a problem for Divison..especially Amanda, who for me is the biggest 婊子, 子 at Division, understood everything. 一年多以前
pacman22091 评论…
Good prediction that was awesome. Ya Michael can't kill Nikita and she can't kill him which is a huge deal for Percy because he wants her dead, gone, buried yet Michael can't do it and maybe Percy has others go after her and that pisses Michael off. Ya his voice even sounds like he is honest about being with her 100% 爱情 it. Amanda is a huge 婊子, 子 for sure will be the one to find out about michael and Nikita 一年多以前
RLjustice 评论…
Ah no one wants to hear Michael doing such a thing. Sure they will have their issues but it wouldn't be that huge that's just wrong since Michael does say he is with Nikita 100%. 一年多以前
嘿 I just thought about something when it comes to nikita's dream about what she wish she had in her life. I think I might know when that dream might happen it might happen during the time when Michael and Nikita have to pretend to be married. So the one moment promo will be present 日 I'm sure of it. The dream of what she wish she had will come during when Mikita pretend to be married. What do 你 all think?? Do 你 agree 发布 一年多以前
vivalavida 评论…
No they will pretend to be a married couple, for a mission I guess :) 一年多以前
pacman22091 评论…
That was what I was meaning. But during that I can see Nikita wishing it was kinda true becuz she wished she actually had that. But then again I could be confusing myself and 你 哈哈 一年多以前
RLjustice 评论…
I agree that based on what 你 说 that the "One Moment" promo will be the real deal with Michael and Nikita. When they have to pretend to be married will be the time where we see what Nikita wishes she had in her life. 一年多以前