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Jess_Da_Vamp 说 …
Heyyy please enter my comp, there's a 支持 for everyone who 发布 一年多以前
nell79 说关于 Damon & Elena
Some people think that Elena "went crazy" upon learning that Stefan slept with Rebecca. I'm just wondering where that happened? Cuz all I saw was a look of surprise and disgust (which I'm sure she'd 显示 if any male she cared about slept with Rebekah--because HELLO she hates her and has hated her even while Elena and Stefan were together. Jealousy has nothing to do with it. But I guess some people will just see what they want to 哈哈 发布 一年多以前
TVlover10 评论…
It's the Stelena shippers 写作 nonsense yet again. 你 should see some of the things they are saying on Twitter. One 说 that Delena is supposed to be happening right now but the writers keep getting all the characters on the 显示 to talk about how epic Stelena's 爱情 is. They are so blind to the facts that have been laid out in front of them. Elena is not jealous of Rebekah for sleeping with Stefan but I wouldn't be surprised if in nexts weeks episode Damon starts questioning whether she is :( 一年多以前
delenasalvatore 评论…
Why would Elena be jealous? She's not in 爱情 with Stefan anymore. She 说 so herself. She's just disgusted that he slept with her arch-enemy. SE'ers have always been painfully unperceptive when it comes to Stelena and the show. I see what Klaus was trying to do (undermining Damon, making him doubt Elena etc) as being motivated 由 jealousy, (Damon has what he's always wanted), malice (it's just Klaus being Klaus basically), and in keeping with the formula of the 'triangle'. Epic 爱情 is supposed to be hard, and when characters make conclusions 或者 judgements about something, they usually turn out to be wrong. Like Elena saying she would always 爱情 Stefan in 2x01. If the producers really WERE on SE's side, they would never vocalize it through the characters on the show. They would never be as obvious as that. 一年多以前
loveofdelena 评论…
lol, just ignore them, they've got no evidence to back up their bullshit theories. i think they'll find that all their theories will be proved to be invain as the 显示 goes on, and displays damon's unconditional 爱情 for elena. 一年多以前
nell79 说关于 Damon & Elena
I keep hearing how Julie Plec is an SE fan. Where is this coming from? I've read her interviews, tweets, seen conferences, etc and I don't recall her ever saying that. I do think she sounded 更多 pro-SE in season 1, less so in season 2 and 更多 balanced and evasive from there on out. Has someone seen something I haven't? 发布 一年多以前
AnamHussain95 评论…
The way the 显示 is being written with Delena as the real 爱情 story, Damon the selfless man/brother who loves Elena unconditionally and without a doubt is the best thing for her, proves Julie is pro-DE. She likes to gush about SE in her interviews but they don't hold any significance because it doesn't matter what they say, its what they 显示 us. The famous saying 'trust the story, not the story-teller.' If Julie really was pro-SE, like all SE 粉丝 brag, then wouldn't it make sense if she built up n developed SE the way a real couple should be written? But she didn't do that. DE got all the development n progression. They are the most 流行的 couple of TVD. The amount of time n hard work the writers have invested in DE, not half of it has been spent on SE. The way Stefan is behaving now, its been proven that he never loved her truly. The fact that has been established that SE has sunk forever, I don't see getting bac together now, ever, are all the evidence that the writers NOT pro-SE 一年多以前
AnamHussain95 评论…
They like to talk about DE as well. Its not like DE is always kept out of the loop. Kevin 说 one, “As Katherine said, hate is the beginning of 爱情 stories. It was no surprise that we ended the episode with Elena saying ‘I hate him.’' He flat out declared DE as the 爱情 story of the 显示 and its been proven now. Fact is that the producers can never be bias to one couple. Its against their job. They try n keep both fanbases alive n their couples as well. Julie isn't pro-SE 或者 pro-DE, she is pro-TVD but as far as this 爱情 三角形, 三角 n endgame is concerned, I m 更多 than confident that she is a DE fan. It reflects through her 写作 n execution of the story. And I wish fans, especially SE fans, would understand these facts and not run around flaunting how the producers are always on their sides, because truth is, they are not. Not the way SE has been destroyed, beyond repair now. 一年多以前
loveofdelena 评论…
they say many things, but the shows tells us different, and i definately think that the 显示 is heading straight in the DE direction. 一年多以前
amshafe 评论…
I don't believe for a 秒 JP is an SE fan, and in fact most of the SE 粉丝 I've seen on Twitter think she's clearly a DE fan. Back in S1 and 2 JP HAD to talk nicely about SE. They were together and the main couple atm, she couldn't say bad things about them 或者 talk about Delena, a couple that hadn't even kisse yet. It would be unfair to the SE fans. And 给 that this 显示 is about a triangle, she has to be careful. But bottom line is the 写作 speaks for itself and it's being written the way it is for a reason. 一年多以前