hikari mikamo

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  • Female, 27 years old
  • miruwa, 日本
  • Favorite TV Show: Bones,hells kitchen,master chef,Methbusters......etc
    Favorite Movie: the cat in the hat,Back to the future series,Charlie and the 浓情巧克力 factory...etc
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mhikari 说关于 芭比 电影
Anyone know where can found this video ?
或者 Under The Sea and Sugar & Spice from Kelly Dream Club?
Thanks 发布 ·1个月前
XTinkerBellx 评论…
I don't think Sweetsville has ever been uploaded to the internet. ·1个月前
XTinkerBellx 评论…
Also, I don't think the "Kelly Dream Club Under the Sea / Sugar & Spice" video actually exists. I've never seen 照片 evidence of it 或者 seen a review. I think it was just planned but never got made. It was listed on the old Voicebox Productions website so maybe the 列表 can be viewed on an archived version of their website if 你 have flash. Anyway, the 列表 wasn't completely accurate because some of the movie titles were wrong 或者 the 电影院 didn't exist. ·1个月前
mhikari 说关于 芭比 电影
Any thing new? Any news are good....I think... 发布 ·2个月前
Lifeisafairytal 评论…
I look around for information on this quite often and i never manage to find anything. People say they're focusing on Dreamhouse Adventures right now and perhaps also the upcoming live action buts it's too much to keep waiting and nothing seems to be happening. ·2个月前
mhikari 说关于 芭比 电影
Happy new 年 to everyone
and here's 2 问题 for this year.
1.any info for future films?
2.any one know where can find BD 或者 1080P level copies of older films(I.E. the ones that was originally released as DVD/VHS).....as I seems can't find BD relases in my area. 发布 ·6个月前
mhikari 评论…
OK, so apearly no one ahve any new info so far...I guess..... ·6个月前