maria chiara

潮流粉丝俱乐部始于June 2008年

  • Female, 27 years old
  • avellino, italy
  • Favorite Movie: 恋恋笔记本
    Favorite Musician: 披头士乐队
    Favorite Book or Author: waiting for godot, romeo and juliet
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Thnx for the add! 发布 一年多以前
maryksand 我支持 my images
Thanks for adding me:) 发布 一年多以前
makixx 评论…
I really like most of the 俱乐部 you're in and I happened to read some of your answers, which I have found pretty sharp and accurate! I still need to figure out how 粉丝 pop works, though! still don't understand what 支持 and 锦标 are for, but thanks for giving me one and adding me, as well! I see you're from Russia, 下一个 年 I'll start studying Russian. it's tough, isn't it? it sounds wonderful, anyway. 爱情 the culture, above all! 一年多以前
maryksand 评论…
Once again, thanks for adding me and I'm glad 你 enjoyed 阅读 some of my posts, this place is usually fun to share opinions and communicate with people who have similar interests. If 你 have any 问题 about fanpop, I would gladly answer. I can't say I'm that active here, I mostly post in 2-3 俱乐部 regulary, but I grew to be used to the way this site works for the most part. As for props, 你 can give them to anyone 你 wish just because 你 find it a pleasent experience to talk to that person. 锦标 are mostly for fun, they don't give any privileges as far as I know. Once you're active enough in some spot, 你 get a medal for it, but I still haven't gotten any, sadly. 一年多以前
maryksand 评论…
Russian language is rather hard, yes, but I think every language that is not your native is hard. It was hard for me to learn English either, but when 你 know the basics and let yourself talk and practice it makes learning so much easier:) 由 the way it's amazing that 你 are studying Russian and glad you're generally interested in culture:) Feel free to ask anything 你 want, I'll try my best to answer. 一年多以前
It's a big step for them, now it's officially official! lol
I couldn't be happier, it means they're at a point of their relationship where they are 100% certain of their 爱情 and don't care about people's thoughts anymore and wanna live it just as naturally as any other couple would. 爱情 it. 发布 一年多以前