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  • Female, 44 years old
  • Alexandria, Louisiana
  • Favorite TV Show: Pioneer Woman, Guy's Grocery Games, Hoarders, Going RV, The Steve Wilkos Show, Charmed, Supernatural, Little House on the Prairie
    Favorite Movie: Friday the 13th, Halloween, Final Destinations, Unstoppable, The Net, Fuller, 9 to 5, and 电影院 of LMN.
    Favorite Book or Author: The 下一个 Accident 由 Lisa Gardner, and Dean Koontz 图书
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Hi. 发布 ·1个月前
luvneopets 说关于 随意
If 你 have family coming 首页 for their mom's birthday, and they happen to borrow your room for their stay, but you're the one that there's all the time and they're out-of-town guest. Is it right for the person that's over house to make 你 give up your room? 发布 ·1个月前
BlindBandit92 评论…
Not sure there's a clear answer there. It seems like a shitty situation for both sides ·1个月前
Hi every1, i just joined. I remember this game, it's one of my favorites. 发布 ·3个月前