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lllzacklll 说关于 mira clay
looks like shun and mira are going to be a couple this series. shun always gets the girl,1 for each 日 of the week 发布 一年多以前
flaming-wave666 评论…
Oh gods... What the hell are 你 talking about? Ever heard of boy and girl as friends? So just because Mira and Shun talked means they're a couple now? Wtf...?? Seriously 粉丝 like 你 only make Shun look gay. Can't Shun talk to girls 或者 something? But when he has his moments with Dan, Ace and Marucho 你 don't complain... Seriously, what's your problem? T.T 一年多以前
ElafTalebHEJ 评论…
And why Shun? U never say like that about Dan -.- He has talked to every single girl in the serie, from season 1 to 4 arc 2. So, why specifically Shun?! 一年多以前
flaming-wave666 评论…
Yeah, and when Mira had such lovely moments with Dan, no one complained. 一年多以前
teen titans vs young justice (result)

Round1- robin vs robin (robin of teen titans)
score(teen titans 1 - 0 Young Justice)

Round2- starfire vs superboy (superboy)
score(teen titans 1 - 1 Young Justice)

Round3- cyborg vs artemis (cyborg)
score(teen titans 2 - 1 Young Justice)

Round4- raven vs megan (raven)
score(teen titans 3 - 1 Young Justice)

Round5- BB vs KF (KF)
score(teen titans 3 - 2 Young Justice)

Round6- Terra vs aqualad (aqualad)
score(teen titans 3 - 3 Young Justice)

Its a tie!!! 发布 一年多以前
APWBD112 评论…
I think Aqualad would kick Terra´s but!! 一年多以前
goodyb0y55 评论…
terra would turn garth into fishpaste can't swim without water. Terra has all the pwer 一年多以前