lisa barlow

潮流粉丝俱乐部始于January 2013年

  • Female, 41 years old
  • Melton Mowbray, United Kingdom
  • Favorite TV Show: eastenders
    Favorite Movie: 91/2 weeks
    Favorite Musician: 麦当娜
    Favorite Book or Author: 麦当娜 biographies
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Like_a_Prayer 说 …
Lets get chatting! 发布 一年多以前
lisabarlow13 说关于 麦当娜
i 爱情 麦当娜 i always have since the instant i got into her and i always will.she will always be my idol forever more.whos on here that is a 麦当娜 fan.if anyone then lets get chatting. 发布 一年多以前
lisabarlow13 评论…
i walked into woolworths one 日 with my pocket money.i picked up a cassette tape in the charts i bought it didnt have a clue who it was got 首页 played it it was 麦当娜 holiday the 90 versions where she wearing bikini on front with true blue on b side that was it i played played played that was it i was hooked and been a 粉丝 ever since i then went to wh smith 2 weeks later saved up my pocket money and bought the immaculate collection just cuz it was in the charts and it was 麦当娜 i bought it and then later nothing it was a greatest hits album i 爱情 her too bits my legens forever. 一年多以前
selenaswag23 评论…
i have her immaculate collection and like a prayer cd 一年多以前