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Jessica4695 说 …
I miss youuuu <3 发布 一年多以前
Jessica4695 说 …
LAURA! Well I'm kind of back and I miss 你 <3 oh why aren't 你 here anymore. 发布 一年多以前
Remember me? Just wanted to make sure I stopped 由 and 说 - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LPF! Three incredible years of laughing and fighting, and it's still as strong as ever. I'm so proud of each and everyone of you. You're all beautiful people and whether this place lasts for another 月 或者 ten 更多 years, I know i'll look back and smile when I think of it and 你 all. Always here for 你 guys. I 爱情 你 all so much<3333333 发布 一年多以前
XxXrachellXxX 评论…
LAURA I 爱情 你 <33333333333 REPLY TO MY MESSAGE ON TUMBLR ;P 一年多以前
XNaley_JamesX 评论…
Why haven't I noticed these yet?? Laura!!! OMG, so happy 你 came to say happy anniversary!! Miss you!!! 一年多以前
xoheartinohioxo 评论…
Lala <3 I miss 你 crazy girl ♥ 一年多以前