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  • Female, 25 years old
  • { currently }
  • Favorite TV Show: vampire diaries, modern family, ncis.
    Favorite Movie: do 你 expect me to name them all? because i have a shitload. so i won't :)
    Favorite Musician: ^^read this.
    Favorite Book or Author: the hunger games, harry potter.
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how's italy treating you, bb? lol, same here. we've both been busy bees. with my trip to italy, family visits, fucking school; I've barely had time to breath! (a bit dramatic but ok). I'm glad you're having the time of your life, just rub it in. ♥
lol, that was hilarious. seriously, WHY would 你 搜索 your name on twitter and reply to ppl who aren't even directly tweeting at you? sighs kat. but yeah, she CAN be adorable. guess we're both bipolar. :P 发布 一年多以前
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they are getting back together and 哈哈 nope i don't sorry. pls quit gg, i hate it 更多 than i hate my history teacher's breath. that's a legit accomplishment, my friend. OMG YES THAT 吻乐队(Kiss) EVEN THOUGH NOW IT'S KIND OF BITTERSWEET AND IT BASICALLY NEVER HAPPENED BUT IT'S THE BEST 吻乐队(Kiss) OMG 屁股 GRABBING O K IAN KEEP IT TOGETHER MAN. KEEP IT IN THE BEDROOM 你 ARE SEXUALLY FRUSTRATING US SO STOP. ALSO THE TONGUE!!1!! 耶稣 MARY AND JOSEPH THAT WAS THE BEST FUCKING PART. OH LORD I MAY HAVE DIED A LITTLE INSIDE 一年多以前
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yeah, the 吻乐队(Kiss) was pretty good. 一年多以前
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ily♥ 一年多以前
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You're welcome and thank you. (: 发布 一年多以前
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I lvoe your Delena icon. <33333 发布 一年多以前