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潮流粉丝俱乐部始于May 2015年

  • Guadalix de la Sierra, España
  • Favorite TV Show: Salvame Naranja
    Favorite Movie: Torrente 4
    Favorite Musician: Kiko Rivera
    Favorite Book or Author: Las Hijas del Agua
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gitanita 说关于 迪士尼公主
I know 你 guys loved my reggeton 迪士尼 polls, so after that success, I am wondering... Should I make 更多 reggeton 民意调查 related with the Princesses???

with songs like Siguelo Bailando, Mayores, Dile que tu me quieres... 发布 ·2天前
gitanita 说关于 迪士尼公主
Hi guys! I have a curiosity, and I would like to know more. Right now the most successful 音乐 is latin 音乐 (reggeton and latinpop), they are breaking records on Youtube. My 问题 are: Have 你 heard this type of songs? Which ones? 发布 ·4天前
gitanita 评论…
As 你 know I am from Spain, and here we listen to these songs. I recommend 你 Despacito, El Farsante Remix, Te boté remix and La Rompe Corazones ·4天前
gitanita 说关于 迪士尼公主
omfg a 蚊子 just bite my finger. I feel like pleakley 发布 ·10天前