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潮流粉丝俱乐部始于May 2015年

  • Guadalix de la Sierra, España
  • Favorite TV Show: Salvame Naranja
    Favorite Movie: Torrente 4
    Favorite Musician: Kiko Rivera
    Favorite Book or Author: Las Hijas del Agua
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gitanita 说关于 迪士尼公主
I dont know who the hell is trying to boycot me , but I am not going to stop posting my 迪士尼 SKINNY LEGEND 民意调查 发布 ·5个月前
phalangeregina 评论…
Those 民意调查 were very biased and rude and made people uncomfortable ·5个月前
deedragongirl 评论…
Are 你 being bias? ·5个月前
gitanita 说关于 迪士尼公主
HI GUYS! I`m back here, and I have started a new countdown game in the 民意调查 section. I hope 你 all participate and enjoy it. Dont take it too serious, it is made to have some fun. I needed to know who is the Skinny Legend of the 迪士尼 Princess world. 发布 ·5个月前
whatsupbugs 我支持 my comments
Hi. I hope that 你 have a wonderful Labor day. 发布 ·9个月前