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delenadork08 说关于 Damon & Elena
Even though Elena chose Stefan, something about 3x22 kept me postive about Delena. the flashbacks they gave us, Damon compelling Elena the first time they met. and then Elena: "maybe if we had met first" its like their forshaddowing Damon and Elenas future relationship. and now shes a vamp unless they change the rules Elenas gonna remember everything 发布 一年多以前
ggdelena 评论…
agree 一年多以前
delenadork08 说关于 Damon & Elena
i havent watched ONE S3 episode yet and its almost finished. letme explain why. the channel that played it here sold there rights to another tv company and im still working on trying to get the episodes off my cousin. but i know whats been going on with DE and with one episode to go, lets keep the hope. stefan is the one Elena calls back but 3x19 didnt just mean nothing the writers would not just tease us like that. HOPE !!!!!!!! 发布 一年多以前
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Hey! I'm sorry for the super late reply but I've just recently been able to get back onto fanpop. Can 你 believe tvd is back?! Can't wait to see what becomes of Delena!! :) 发布 一年多以前
delenadork08 说关于 Damon & Elena
Okay guys,
i have a confession to make.

你 need digital tv here to watch shows like TVD and i couldnt watch it online, so from 17 onwards i was 迷失 watching small snips. And...well, i kinda 迷失 intrest in DELENA untill about 5 分钟 以前 when i was season two on DVD( 2x18.) my faith is restored and im in 爱情 once again xx 发布 一年多以前
Delena4eva 评论…
:-D welcome back to Delena land! LOL.... Once 你 go Delena 你 can never go back :-D 一年多以前
delenasalvatore 评论…
Glad you're back. Season 2 wasn't exactly forthcoming when it came to DE, but wait til 你 see the finale, it's amazing, and the new season should definitely be ours. 一年多以前
delenaloverx7 评论…
Welcome back :) 一年多以前
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A message to Gaga's Monsters,
Pleeas pleease pleease stop hating on Adele. As Gaga is your idol, 阿黛尔 is mine. And what some of you... NOT all of 你 but some of 你 are saying about her is just rude and upsetting not to just her 粉丝 but Adele, herself. And i get that your just sticking up for Gaga and the fact she deserved her nominations, but 阿黛尔 earnt her nominations just as much as anyone else who was nominated. I loove Gaga aswell.... but for someone who represents 爱情 and acceptance 发布 一年多以前
delenadork08 评论…
... what some of 你 have 说 about 阿黛尔 would make Lady Gaga disown 你 all... because thats not the way to treat someone weither 你 know them 或者 not. 一年多以前
delenadork08 评论…
No matter how mad 或者 not. xo fierceandlove 一年多以前
PutUrPawsUp 评论…
I like Adele, but im not too big on her... 一年多以前
delenadork08 说关于 Damon & Elena
Just saw the new clip...WELCOME THE DAMON AND ELENA WE ALL 爱情 ! Ponytails and old hair doo raaawrr! ;) Am i the only one thinking just 由 that like 15 sec vid that Elena's waldrobes come a long way from t-shirt and jeans! 发布 一年多以前
jendelena 评论…
elena's growing up XD 一年多以前
epicdelena4ever 评论…
thank god i couldn't take anymore long t-shirt and jeans elena 一年多以前
delenaluv 评论…
according to bamon 粉丝 she looks like a slut. jealous much? 一年多以前
big smile
Delenafan2 说 …
Hey, thnx for the add! 发布 一年多以前
So, Nina and Ian smoke? Whats the big deal? As i 说 in my 评论 below, they both don't seem the type to smoke every 秒 they get and end up smoking a pack a day. It's their lifes, no matter what we think, it's their lives 发布 一年多以前
Delenafan2 评论…
I'm with you. 你 know how many people who are my 老友记 that smoke? A lot. I don't but I don't break anyone's stones about it. My husband smokes and it doesn't bother me. Hey, like 你 said, it's their lives. It doesn't change who 你 are as a person. 一年多以前
IHeartTVD462 评论…
Alot of 名人 smoke... smoking doesn't change a person @delenadork08 is right What is the big deal? IT ISN'T =) 一年多以前
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heey my DE family. !!! Who's hyped for S3 and comic con? 发布 一年多以前
Miiss_Universee 评论…
when is the s3 comic con? 一年多以前
epicdelena4ever 评论…
july 23rd!!! 一年多以前
Delena_Fan 评论…
Can't wait! I just wish I was going. :'( 一年多以前
HaleyDewit 说 …
Thank 你 for your compliment on my DE fanfiction :) 发布 一年多以前