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So correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like from the trailer for 5x11 that Mordred's 爱情 will probably end up dead thanks to something Merlin did, and this is what prompts Mordred to 'go to the dark side.' Thoughts? 发布 一年多以前
arwenlover 评论…
Correct! I think so anyway - that is what will make mordred kill arthur, 或者 maybe merlin??... 一年多以前
So, what is the consensus? Do we think Mordred is actually going to go through will killing Arthur like in Merlin's vision? 发布 一年多以前
HPMad 评论…
i dont think he has the guts he couldnt not what arthur 说 to him about him being one of his greatest knights :D 一年多以前
Theogirl 评论…
I'm starting to think Mordred might be a red herring. It would be so boring and unimaginative if he were to do what everyone thinks he will. I know it's part of the legend but wasn't it the creators 或者 writers that 说 they were doing their own twist on the legend? I'm looking ( 或者 probably 更多 hoping) for something unexpected to happen to send the series off with a bang. 一年多以前
hapybeinginsane 评论…
I honestly hope you're right, Theogirl. I really, really do not want Arthur to die at the end of the series - Albion has not even come about yet! It frustrates me that this betrayal 由 Mordred happens so early in the story, when we have not yet had the chance to see the world that is accepting of the old religion, that it was prophesised Arthur would build. Merlin even mentioned such a world to Daegal in 5x08, so it is clear it is in the future, and Albion has not properly come about yet. I really wish that Mordred would turn out to be a 更多 complex character, who would listen to Merlin 更多 and be forgiving. I hope they don't play it out as I am expecting them to. 一年多以前
I can't help but thinking about what Gwen will do when she is no longer under the enchantment and realizes she has killed someone. =/ 发布 一年多以前
LadyLoraine 评论…
Yes. She will be shocked and devastated. Poor girl. :( 一年多以前
DamonsLilBird 评论…
I thought the bloody same too mates. I feel she will not only flippin lose her mind but she will be crushed and feels she is not a queen. 一年多以前
arwenlover 评论…
She'll be really upset, and hopefully, Arthur will confort her. 一年多以前
KshMcKenzie 评论…
I think she'll have a nervous breakdown and then Arthur and Merlin well help her get through it. 一年多以前