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你 ARE JUST █▀█░ █░░░█░ █▀▀░ ▄▀▀▄░ ▄▀▀▀▄░ █▀▄▀█░ █▀▀ █▀█░ █░█░█░ █▀░░ ▀▄▄▄░ █░░░█░ █░░░█░ █▀░ █░█░ ▀▄▀▄▀░ █▄▄░ ▀▄▄▀░ ▀▄▄▄▀░ █░░░█░ █▄▄ copy this to everyone who is awesome to 你 :) 发布 一年多以前
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plz participate for 下一个 round of my forum:)

and 加入 my 俱乐部 too:)

thx:) 发布 一年多以前
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[i]Hey thanks so much for the add back ^^
Please join:)

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Icon...♥Tae♥ 一年多以前
Gretulee 我支持 my videos
[i]Heyyy Please 加入 my contest ^^

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hi!!!!!!!! 发布 一年多以前
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annyeong haseo~ please be a roleplayer here:
你 can read the rules there.. 你 can pm me if 你 need help okay?
Well, I'll be expecting 你 on facebook^^ 发布 一年多以前
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please visit my spot:
I'll make the spot fun with the games ^^
and please participate on the games :)
thanks if 你 participated ^^ 发布 一年多以前
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爱情 your 图标 and i 爱情 your motto.... 发布 一年多以前
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Thanx 一年多以前
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hiii :) I hope we can be great 老友记 发布 一年多以前
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hi!! 发布 一年多以前