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XTinkerBellx 说关于 芭比 电影
What would be your ideal 芭比娃娃 movie? 发布 ·9个月前
MelodyLaurel 评论…
At this point, I just want them to 确认 that the another movie is coming, period. I don't know what my ideal 芭比娃娃 movie would be like (I certainly don't want to go with the same, tired cliche "I want classic fairytales like Princess & Pauper 或者 Nutcracker back! Also Kelly Sheridan!", because I understand the franchise has moved on from those and I admire that they're constantly reinventing the theme of the movies), but I know what I don't want in the 下一个 芭比娃娃 movie, and that's Barbie's sisters. I enjoyed their presence in moderation, but it seems these days all the content we get have to do with Barbie's sisters, and I'm kind of tired of them. Especially since they're all one-note walking stereotypes (The Nerdy One, T ·9个月前
Sparklefairy375 评论…
^^Barbie Diaries as G-rated of Mean Girls? Makes sense enough. And I think older 电影院 has better 音乐 but modern one are somehow mediocre. ·8个月前
BarbieRosella 评论…
Am I too late for commenting? Lol, anyway. I just want to have another 芭比娃娃 movie with 芭比娃娃 not playing herself but another character. Be it a fantasy-theme 或者 modern, I don't care. As long as it is original and not connected to Dreamtopia and the Dreamhouse series. Maybe a musical would do as well, which features Amy Powers' work. That's just it. ·8个月前
XTinkerBellx 说关于 芭比 电影
Happy new year, everyone! 发布 ·9个月前
XTinkerBellx 说关于 芭比 电影
Merry 圣诞节 to any 芭比娃娃 粉丝 that are celebrating <3 发布 ·9个月前