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  • Male, 25 years old
  • 美利坚合众国
  • Favorite TV Show: MLP:FiM... I don't TV anyways.
    Favorite Musician: Rise against, Foo Fighters, The Offspring, 枪 N' Roses, Mötley Crüe
    Favorite Book or Author: I'm not an egghead! (inside joke)
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? 一年多以前
big smile
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TrollBerry 说关于 小马宝莉
I make PMV's and anyone who likes Rise against would probably like them. I need to know what someone would like 更多 as the nest song I use that's a Rise against song. 发布 一年多以前
Dewheart 评论…
Ooh Rise against PMV's? Could 你 possibly do Hero of War? I 爱情 that song. 一年多以前