Sam (Loves Brooke) Was Hacked :p

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cuuunt_ 说 …
你 know what, you're a fucking lying 屁股 hole who cares only about himself . 你 put me through hell when we dated . I can't believe I actually loved 你 . you're an ignorant asshole and 你 didn't even like me, if 你 did 你 wouldn't have left . I hate 你 and trust me I will always hate 你 . I could never forgive 你 for something like that. I hope 你 rot in hell . 发布 一年多以前
ToxicHugz101 说 …
dude, get online. brooke is gone 发布 一年多以前
don't worry jessica, sam won't go on this earth witout being hacked. (: xoxoxo kathleen 发布 一年多以前