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hi 发布 ·12天前
TheDarkEmpire 评论…
Hi ·10天前
The part where Amy Rose spanks Princess is already a 粉丝 动画片 on YouTube. Look up the YouTuber Shadow759 and the video the YouTuber made for that scene is Amy takes care of Elise. That is the video. I only made a gift pic from there video. 发布 ·2个月前
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Hey! 发布 ·5个月前
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So glad to hear from 你 again! 发布 ·10个月前
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嘿 ! 发布 一年多以前
TheDarkEmpire 评论…
Hi 一年多以前
I want a Switch so bad, but it seems like they're sold out everywhere. 发布 一年多以前
EgoMouse 评论…
According to an article, there's a part that is hard to get due to competition (with mobile industries like Apple) link 一年多以前
TheDarkEmpire 评论…
I've ordered a bundle online, it should arrive in a few weeks. 一年多以前
LorMel 说 …
It's been a long time since 你 did a drawing 发布 一年多以前
TheDarkEmpire 评论…
I don't do that as much anymore, but I can wrk on something if I get some free time. 一年多以前
LorMel 评论…
cool ^^ 一年多以前
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Nice Deadpool fun facts vid 发布 一年多以前
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Since 你 like Sonic the Hedgehog. Please 加入 Megaman 粉丝 Club. link 发布 一年多以前
TheDarkEmpire 评论…
Thanks, but I'm not that big a 粉丝 of Megaman 一年多以前
MisterH 说 …
Thanks, wanna hear an idea I've had for a future Kingdom Hearts Game? 发布 一年多以前
TheDarkEmpire 评论…
No thanks, maybe some other time 一年多以前