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Post a picture of IAN with NINA DOBREV.

12 answers | my answer: mine!

What's your 最喜爱的 *wordless* scene of your 最喜爱的 TV couple?

22 answers | my answer: magic of DELENA!

The General 潮流粉丝俱乐部 Community: Who do 你 personally think is the most 流行的 couple?

21 answers | my answer: Damon and Elena biggest fanbase AND THE MOST POPULA...

What is Your Number 1. OTP. 你 can only choose one!!!!

65 answers | my answer: DELENA FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!

Post a 照片 of Nina in a TVD PhotoShoot

2 answers | my answer: mine!

1 to 20,how much do 你 think nina is pretty???

21 answers | my answer: 10000000!!!!!!!!!!!!IT'S NINA DOBREV!

Post the most beautiful pic of Nina Dobrev from "Vampires diaries".

8 answers | my answer: mine!

post a pic of nina at people's choice awards from any year.props!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

6 answers | my answer: MINE!

Team Damon 或者 team Stefan?

69 answers | my answer: I WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE DAMON!

I'm new on TVD and...

10 answers | my answer: DELENA 粉丝 IS THE LARGEST FANBASE ON TVD!DELENA IS...