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Riku114 说关于 随意
I'm actually probably going to leave 潮流粉丝俱乐部 for a few personal reasons for the most part. I might drop 由 but prolly won't be on much anymore so like yee. 由 my dudes. 发布 ·8天前
SwordofIzanami 评论…
Pls, don't leave us permanently. 潮流粉丝俱乐部 wouldn't be the same without you! ·8天前
2ntyOnePilots 评论…
🥺 I’m going to miss 你 like fuck big sis Riku! I trust your judgment though, so if 你 feel like that’s the best thing to do.... 你 know what’s best for yourself for the most partb8m sure. ·7天前
2ntyOnePilots 评论…
But I’ll miss 你 a fuck ton. Thanks for everything 由 the way. 你 know, just in case 你 aren’t around much. Thanks. Take care and ‘till 下一个 time! ·7天前
Exactly, I feel the same. I mean, if someone leaves 你 because they can't accept something about your mental health then it's not really a loss in my eyes.
And your blogs are so pretty! I'll look into them. And I 爱情 your drawings. I recently got an ipad pro and I try to draw (not very good at it still. But I'm trying lol)
What are your career paths? I 爱情 it when people know what they want to do in their lives, it's a hard decision for most people. 发布 ·26天前
PureHeroine 评论…
And omg yayyy! I'm happy 你 like them too. I'm pretty much obsessed with this ship xD It's the most 流行的 ship the the AoT franchise, but it does have its haters. I'm been somewhat harassed 由 two users here because of it. But I'll always 爱情 it, there's something about them together that I just can't get over, they're so adorable. ·26天前
PureHeroine 评论…
Sorry for the rant lol. I get excited when I talk about Ereri xD ·26天前
PureHeroine 我支持 my comments
I used to be very shy about my problems. I have OCD that I've tried to hide for years because I was afraid people will shy away from me because of it, but then slowly I started to talk about it to people I was close to because I believed in them even if I was still a afraid.
Right now I'm open about my OCD to almost everyone and honestly no one has ever left 或者 stopped talking to me because of it. 发布 ·27天前
PureHeroine 评论…
I figured that if anyone ever will, that just means that they can't accept a very large aspect of my life and that means they're not worth my time xD ·27天前
PureHeroine 评论…
Can I see your tumblr? I have tumblr as well though mine is all for ereri, as 你 can see it's my obsession lmao~ But I'd like to see yours. ·27天前
PureHeroine 评论…
Tbh it'd be wonderful if you'd work at this field. 你 have a talent for this, I can tell it 由 your positivity and they open way 你 talk about it. I really admire this. ·27天前
PureHeroine 评论…
This is a very positive way to look at things! I'm trying to be 更多 positive about myself as well, I've also been through some shit I shouldn't have to go through lol. I'm trying to learn to keep things in the past where they should be. You'll probably go to heaven I swaer lol. Thank 你 so much! ·27天前