Gergely Kristof

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  • Male, 17 years old
  • Ghioroc, Romania
  • Favorite TV Show: Ed,Edd n' Eddy,Samurai Jack,Avatar TLA,Bojack Horseman,Steven Universe,Fullmetal Alchemist(2003),Trigun,Yu Yu Hakusho,Hellsing Ultimate.
    Favorite Movie: Hunchback of Notre Dame,Frozen,Prince of Egypt,Grave of the Fireflies,Requiem For a Dream,The Shawshank Redemption,Her,Stars Wars Episode 5.
    Favorite Musician: Nickelback,Linkin Park,Thousand Foot Krutch,DragonForce,Three Days Grace,Two Steps From Hell,Susumu Hirasawa,Idina Menzel,Thomas Bergersen
    Favorite Book or Author: The Snow Queen,The Cather in the Rye,The 风筝, 放风筝 Runner,The Hunchback of Notre Dame,Lord of the Rings,Percy Jackson and the Olympians,W.i.t.c.h.
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wavesurf 我支持 my articles
Thank 你 for letting me read your latest review 文章 on Samurai Jack. I enjoyed it. <3 发布 ·1个月前
Renegade1765 评论…
Thank 你 very much. I should tell 你 that I've just edited the 文章 becuse I misplaced some of the fan-arts. But now they're in the right order. ·1个月前
wavesurf 我支持 my articles
I did finish 你 Samurai Jack article. It was a great read. Just letting 你 know. ;) 发布 ·2个月前
Peaceful_Critic 说 …
"Sorry to bother you, but are 你 the same PeacefulCritic who 评论 on my very first 文章 back in December of 2014?"

Sorry for the late reply, I just got a computer that could type alright. And yes, probably. 发布 ·4个月前
Peaceful_Critic 评论…
Just checked, yes I am. ·4个月前