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"Senpai did notice everything. Senpai can see right through all your dirty tricks and mind games. " 发布 ·2天前
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To my enemies who are stalking me : I am the last person 你 want to make enemies here because I will hunt 你 down till my last breath. Won't miss any opportunity to cause harm to you. So, back off, bitch. 发布 ·2天前
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I am better than 你 in everyway. Give it up, loser. ·2天前
laura1233214 说 …
Wishing 你 a very happy 万圣节前夕 with lots of sweets, scary 电影院 and a magical night too!!👻
BOO BOO!! 发布 ·19天前
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Thanks. 你 too ·17天前