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RTS2000 说 …
I watched Joker, and it was an amazing film. I loved how they portrayed the Joker in this film, and I really felt sorry for him since he had a really dark past, however I felt the film was really dark and some scenes were too disturbing and made me feel sick. 总体, 整体 the film was amazing and showcased a nice new origin tale for the Joker, especially 展示 everything else as well 发布 ·2天前
whatsupbugs 评论…
I agree. I'm glad 你 got to see the film and I'm glad you're a 粉丝 of it. ·1天前
RTS2000 评论…
It was a good watch for sure ·1天前
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I wish 你 the best. Thank 你 for being a good friend to me and for all of your nice, supportive comments. 发布 ·2天前
RTS2000 评论…
thank you, I appreciate it :) ·2天前
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I hope 你 have a wonderful day, my friend. 发布 ·6天前
RTS2000 评论…
thank 你 :) ·4天前
whatsupbugs 评论…
You're welcome. ·4天前