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Queenbb1 说关于 亚瑟和格温
写作 a new fan-fiction, "The Light of My Heart"! Got the idea and encouragement from @ellerose88 and the inspiration from 阅读 @kbrand5333 fabulous fics! Check it out and tell me what 你 think! 发布 一年多以前
Queenbb1 说关于 亚瑟和格温
The beginning scene with Gwen, her brother and the knights was so sweet. I'm gonna miss Elyan and his sweet relationship with Guinevere. 发布 一年多以前
Queenbb1 说关于 亚瑟和格温
This season of Arwen is proving to be 更多 and 更多 pathetic, boring, and just plain NON-EXISTENT! I'm pissed about the 5 months I wasted getting excited about married Arwen in season 5. I need therapy... 发布 一年多以前
portiaadjei123 评论…
u are not the only one,but i think we should have patience and wait for the other episodes to come. 一年多以前
Queenbb1 评论…
I agree! I'm just in one of my "pissedoffcan'tbreathe" moods. 你 know suffering from lack of Arwen syndrome. 一年多以前
vaniadinis 评论…
mannnn how i miss the sunlight and the violin... :( but it was cute toooo see how much gwen is 爱情 由 her husband and friend.... i was really piss when gwen 说 to morgana i dont want nothing from 你 and she answed only my crown. 婊子, 子 PLEASE 一年多以前
arwenlover 评论…
What happened to the: I've missed you!... Are 你 ok?... I'm fine now that you're here!... I 爱情 you... 吻乐队(Kiss) 吻乐队(Kiss) KISS? 一年多以前