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I'm not like a huge 粉丝 of Selena Gomez but I still do like her she seems like a sweet girl and none of u should be hatin on her cuz she's datin Justin. I don't care if I get alot of hate because of this but rlly wut is the chance of one of u guys meetin Justin and 你 two fallin in love.honestly if u were true beliebers 你 would be happy that Justin is happy:) #jelena 发布 一年多以前
jaedflowers123 评论…
i agree 一年多以前
katherine1234 评论…
i agree 一年多以前
xxjndmjnohxx 评论…
I♥Justin & I♥Selena 一年多以前
Watching Lean on me! <3 摩根 Freeman 哈哈 he's amazing 发布 一年多以前
Haters are gonna spread some hate but GRANDerz are gonna spread some nutella:D just be GRAND<3333333333
发布 一年多以前
1love1conicboyz 评论…
i aint a hater im a lover and im grand 一年多以前