such a lovely face -`ღ´-

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  • 你 see this blood on my hands, at least they're still reaching to heaven.
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你 are so precious i 爱情 你 i 心 你 发布 ·3天前
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okay i just saw the gifs 你 made and it made me feel bad bc i did not noticed them oamhbcdnjs why are they so amazing and literally thank 你 for taking your time and watching their 音乐 视频 it means a lot to me and the gifs are just *-* 发布 ·3天前
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DUDEEEE WHAT THE HELL AOFNACSJN ok i dont wanna be THAT 婊子, 子 but 你 should check out their funny moments on yt when 你 got free time and got nothing to watch after binge on shane and jeffree 星, 星级
and im sure as hell 你 will 爱情 minhyuk 发布 ·3天前