潮流粉丝俱乐部始于January 2013年

  • Female, 26 years old
  • Czech Republic
  • Favorite TV Show: Friends, Mad about you, Step 由 Step, The Nanny, Tropical Heat, Cheers, SATC
    Favorite Movie: Beverly Hills Cop II, Police Academy, 鳄鱼 Dundee
    Favorite Musician: 80's, Phil Collins
    Favorite Book or Author: Biography
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drewjoana 我支持 my polls
Again, perfect header and spot icon. Remarkable taste hun.
Well done (: 发布 ·14天前
Hi Katy, I already started to miss you. Nice that 你 are here again :) I received your 电子邮箱 and I will send 你 some recordings tomorrow. I really would 爱情 to hear your opinion, I am not sure if my playing is good enough. Yes, that's a lovely idea. 由 the way, if 你 are using scenes from 电影院 in videos, are there any trouble with copyrights? But I 爱情 that idea. 发布 ·14天前
JosepineJackson 评论…
Also I watched some of your 视频 these days, "Dirty Dancing" ones are wonderful, all my 最喜爱的 moments and atmosphere, 爱情 them, can't believe I didn't notice them before. And also "You've got a mail", I 爱情 this movie so much and your new 个人资料 look is awesome 💛 ·14天前
JosepineJackson 评论…
That's great that everything is going well for you. I am great too, just a bit busy, new learning 年 and projects. Yes, I 爱情 autumn, all those colorful leaves... So beautiful and inspiring. Movie that always reminds me of autumn is, of course "Autumn In New York" it's so beautiful and romantic, I 爱情 it, have 你 seen it? ·14天前
Barbarabean 说 …
hi katy i new here 发布 ·15天前